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Free Online Port Checker

Welcome, This is a free Port Checker tool, an online port checker, using this tool you can verify if a port is open on a target server, it is also useful to check for port forwarding .
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Some Well Known Ports

Port Number Description
21 FTP
22 SSH
23 Telnet
53 DNS
110 POP3
135 DCOM (but not only)
1433 MS SQL Server
1521 Oracle Listener
25565 MySQL
For a full list of port numbers refer to Wikipedia – List of TCP and UDP port numbers

Some Good To know Vocabulary:

  • Open port: A port is the way that one can communicate with another, there are more than 65000 ports available to use, there are some that had been assigned to special, let call it, services, in networks an open port is a port that open and can send or/and receive data, an example will be your web browser, that use the default 80 port to send and receive information form web servers, it also know how to convert the text data that it gets on the HTTP protocol and covert it to a nice web base UI, that you see when you surf over the net. Please visit the site to get much more information regarding ports and open ports.

  • Port scanner: A port scanner is a tool that can be used to scan an address or even a network in search for port that are open, in computer security or hacking it is widely use to search for problematic ports that need to be close or monitors, after all an open port is like an open door and with the right knowledge it is possible to use this port to enter into the remote computer. There are some very useful tools that can be used to scan address for open ports, end even more, it is possible to detect what is the operation system that behind this port including the service that open the port, with this information port scanner is a must tool to check what other can see and know about your device, if you like to check, visit our site for more information.

  • Online port scanner: The old art of port scanning is still working, even thou that today there are a lot more security method to close all the unnecessary port in the working environment, in the advanced of the web and it easy to use there are tools that can do this scanning online, the online port scanner. An online port scanner, is a port scanner like any other port scanner, the only thing in deferent is that it works from outside your network, re: a web site, it is a great tool that can be used to check if you have some unnecessary open ports that can be closed.

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