Antimalware for Android Read, Download and Use.

I am sure you are using a mobile device, you are probably reading this article using that device, do you have an antimalware for android on that device? keep on reading to find out why you need one.

Antimalware for Android
Antimalware for Android

Using Antimalware for Android:

A lot of us using our android mobile device regular each day.

  • We use it to read emails.
  • Entering our social networks.
  • Installing new apps.
  • Surf the web and reading news.
  • Access our bank account.
  • And more.

The time our mobile device was use only to call each other is ended. Long time ago.

Do you consider security means while using your android mobile device? I hope yes. Lets get into it. Lets start to secure our privacy.

Using android mobile devices involve in risks. The data we store on the device include private data, bank account and password to email and social networks.

4 Antimalware tools for Android to know about:

  1. Malwarebytes for Android – Malwarebytes is one of the most known malware detection tool for PC. You need to be aware of the Android version of Malwarebytes removal tool that you can download. It has a free version that you can install on your android device. For some more advanced features you need to buy a professional version.
  2. Anti Malware – Scan Virus – The Anti Malware – Scan Virus is an all-in-one security product that include antivirus, phone boost, AppLock and more. Please refer to the app page on google play for the product full features list.
  3. Anti Malware – Anti Malware will search and destroy viruses that can cause damage to the phone. It protects your personal information. It contains a build in memory junk cleaner for you to check.
  4. Systweak Anti-Malware – Systweak Anti-Malware is an antimalware protection for android devices. Like other anti-malware and security app protect you in real time. Scan your device hard drive and external drive for security threats. Identify every application access privileges in detail. That can be very helpful to control what data is send out from your device.

4 Antivirus tools for Android to know about:

  1. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus & AppLock -Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is a full suit to protect your phone and tablet from malware. It has some unique features including:
    • Calls and SMS blocking.
    • Locate my phone.
    • Block dangerous links.

    Kaspersky consider one of the best security company. It has a big name in security field.

  2. AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android Security 2017 – AVG Antivirus help protect you from harmful threats including viruses and other types of malware. It will keep your personal data safe using it AppLock module. Contain a Wi-Fi Security Scan, and permissions advisor checker.
  3. Avast Mobile Security – Antivirus & AppLock – The Avast Mobile Security – Antivirus & AppLock conation also an anti phishing module to block attacks from email, phone calls, problematic websites or SMS messages.
  4. Mobile Security & Antivirus – Mobile Security & Antivirus by ESET is one of the most known security company that bring you security product to the PC and mobile devices. This apps include a proactive Anti-Theft and Anti-Phishing engine to give your device the best protection in today threats.

Antimalware tools description and legal:
For full description of the product and legal note, please check the product page on google play. Visiting the product site is recommend.

In term of android malware detection tool. You need to have one of the antimalware for android from the above list install on your device. Today antimalware for android apps detect and remove virus, Trojan and other malicious. You just need to install one to have a guard on your device.

5 security tips for Android to know:

  1. Data Backup tip: Everything is data, let me go to the point. If malware attack your device and your data is not backup you loss. Use online service to backup your contact list, images, and other data that you store on your device. Buy a local external HD (USB) for offline backup. Highly recommended. External disk are cheap today and have a lot of storage space on them.
  2. Blocking apps access privileges and permissions tip: Do you know what your current apps has privilege to do? what if some of your apps can get access to use your camera or record your voice call. Check the permission each app is get, use common sense to block one that does not need the permissions.
  3. Locking the device with complicated combination tip: 4 digit password is dead. There are better protection options for your device today. Use it and if needed download a security apps that add this to your device.
  4. Download locations tip: download your apps from google store. Don’t download it from other unofficial location. Malware writers using advanced spreading technique. Unofficial download app, APK files, can be infected with malware. Google has it trust use it.
  5. Security Awareness tip: I believe that security start with us. We made it happened. We did something that let malware come in. It may be without intention and without knowing, applying security awareness can minimal that. I love to give here the backup tip. If you write an important work and something happens and your work is delated. It will not happen again. Why? experience. you will make a backup to it. You learn.

How to get rid of malware on android?

A common question that people ask is how to get rid of malware on android?

Applying the above security tips can help you protect your device. Free android malware detection apps can be download from google store. What left for you, as the user, is to do it.

With the information here you have the basic knowledge to apply security on your mobile device. Free virus removal app can be download from google store.

The first thing to do if you suspect of a malware on your device is running one of the virus detection android apps, backing your data.

If it manage to remove the malware great. If the antimalware for android tool not remove the malware. Check the list. Install the next tool. Find the one that best suit you from:

  • Detection and Removal.
  • Easy to use.
  • Rating on google.
  • Number of active install.

Android malware removal the manual option:

Manual malware removal is possible. Manual removal is advanced material. I may write about it in the near future.

It involve digging into the file system. Locate the infected file and delete it.

Hope you enjoy this article. I really hope it gives you something related to security. Please share your comments with us and share it with your friends.

Today, sharing with friend is your way to say thanks, think about it.

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