Secure Remote Access Software

Secure Remote Access Software: How to Make Remote Access More Secure

Secure Remote Access Software
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Gone are the days when you can access business software only via office computers. Nowadays, employees and vendors need remote access to meet the growing demands at work.

In tough times like Covid-19 pandemic, it is not really safe for employees to visit the office and work in close proximity. To deal with the current problem, the majority of business organizations are using remote access software.

They use cloud services so that employees can work from remote locations. Now, any employee with remote access can use the company’s software as well as data on their smear phone or any other device.

Remote access has become the only hope for businesses, organizations and employees. However, it is not really safe. As anybody can easily access data and software from any location or device, it becomes vulnerable.

Hackers can easily identify a loophole in your system and sabotage it. It is a great threat to your company as they can steal valuable data. In order to tackle this problem, business organizations need to use a secure process to protect the company’s network and well as make remote access more secure.

If you don’t know how to secure remote access work, we can help you. We will discuss secure remote access software and show you the best practices to make it more secure.

Remote Access Software:

Before you learn about secure remote access software, you need to know the basic information about remote access software.

It is software which helps you to work remotely by giving you access to the company’s network. You can easily control one computer with another by using this software.

For example, this software will help you to log in to some other computer to troubleshoot the problems. You can also invite other people to see what you are doing. It helps you to transfer a file from one computer to another. You can also work on a single file with multiple people at the same time.

There are many different types of remote access software available in the market. Sometimes the company provides its own software while other times, they use third-party software. It helps to keep the workflow going even when the employees are in some other location.

Secure Remote Access Software:

It is just like any other remote access software but with better and advanced security. Businesses need to take extra measure to protect their network and data from internal as well as an external threat.

To do so, they use secure remote access software. This software provides security tools to the business. It helps to ensure that anyone who is remotely using the network is an authentic user. Apart from that, the tools also help to ensure that their network connection is safe and secure.

It prevents malware attacks, data loss and theft. If you are dealing with some valuable information and data, it is mandatory to use safe remote access software.

Secure Remote Access Software = Remote Access Software + Additional Security Tools.

Security Concerns:

Remote access software is not 100% foolproof. While it offers productivity, it also leaves your device and well as the company’s network vulnerable to hackers.

Cybercriminals use remote access as a gateway to enter the company’s network. You can never be too secure when using this software. Once they enter your network device, they can hack all your private as well as personal data.

If there is no additional security when using remote apps, you need to be very careful. Hackers look for vulnerabilities in the network connection. Once they find it, all your data will be lost.

Most of the hacker uses Remote Desktop Protocol. It helps them to access a Windows computer. It can lead to a security breach. For example, if you are using the same password to access the software on a site which is hacked, they will get your credentials.

They can use these credentials to enter your system and hack it. So to avoid all these problems, you need to use only secure software. It protects the system from all types of hacking attacks.

Best Practices for Secure Remote Access Software:

If you want to make remote access more secure and safe, you need to integrate these best practices with secure remote access software. It means integrating security tools with remote access solution. It will keep your device, data as well as network safe.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Nowadays, a single password doesn’t give you enough safety. To avoid risks, people use multi-factor authentications. It means using two or more than two authentication factors to gain access. For example, if you need to use the software, you need to enter the passwords as well as scan your fingerprint. This way, it will make the software more secure.
  • Password Management: The password people use should be strong. The software should automatically accept only strong passwords. There should be the usage of numbers, characters as well as capital letters. Apart from that, there should be a password vault. It will save all the important credentials and track it to make sure nobody is misusing it.
  • Granular Access Control: It gives IT managers to control access. It will prevent the employees from accessing something out of their job role. This way, the network will be secure. It will also improve the efficiency of the employees.
  • Least Privilege Policies in Effect: As per this rule, every employee should be given minimum access. They should get access as per their job role and responsibilities. For example, an HR employee cannot access the sales record.
  • Network Activity Monitoring & Audits: There should be regular monitoring of all the remote access activities. Along with that, there should be audits to find out any threats or glitches. It will keep remote access safe.
  • User Limit: There should be restrictions on user limit. It means only a few people should be allowed to access the software at once. There should be restricted mode in the software to make sure it is secure.
  • Firewalls: It is the first thing which protects your device and network. There should be firewalls to defend the network for unauthorized access.
  • Software Update: There should be a regular software update to prevent any threats and attacks. Updates help to solve any bug or vulnerabilities in the software.
  • Account Lock: This feature helps to lock the account access when the user enters the wrong password after 2 or 3 tries. It helps to prevent unauthorized access. As the account will be locked, no one can misuse it.

These are some of the best practices to adopt when it comes to remote access software to make it more safe and secure to use. Secure remote access software helps to prevent security problems like threats, attacks, data loss, and theft.

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