What are the steps of a bandwidth speed test?

Do you have any idea on what does your internet speed depend on? Internet speed on any machine is it a computer or a laptop depends on the bandwidth of the internet connection. Now you may be wondering what this bandwidth is. Basically it is a measurement of maximum total capacity of your modem connection or network connection is known as bandwidth.  So a test to check the speed of your bandwidth is known as bandwidth speed test. If you want to know the speed of your bandwidth then you should definitely take help of the many paid and free website which help you by providing the answer.

There are thousands and thousands of website which perform the task of speed test, so selecting just one website can be a bit tricky thing to do. If you are looking for the right website for this test then you should read on to see what are the step that is needed to be followed to get an authentic result.


You will find a lot of websites which will offer bandwidth speed test free of cost and some website which charge money for it. Unfortunately there are many websites which promises customers of this feature but ultimately the customers become victim of spams or viruses which infects their computer or laptop. These worms or viruses or junk files or even malicious files instead of checking the bandwidth speed of your internet connection actually slows down your internet speed. These viruses are especially designed by some sites so that you need to buy their company’s Pc tuner or anti viruses. Basically this is a ploy used by these websites and companies by which they first infect your computer then offer you a solution to a problem which wasn’t there before.

So, for this reason a proper research is very much necessary. There are many websites which gives reviews of genuine speed test website. So, you have an option to go through these reviews and also different testimonials to figure out which one will not infect your computer or laptop and will give you the right result only.

Paid Vs free test

No matter what there will always be a difference between a paid service and a free service. A free service may give you result but it may not always be accurate and sometimes it is also gives incomplete information. On the other hand a paid service will cost you money but in return for that money you will get an authentic service. Similarly this is also same in case of bandwidth speed test. Although it is important to mention that, there are few free websites which do provide a genuine result and there are some paid websites which are there to rob your money.

So if you are facing problems with your internet speed then you should try out website which offers test for bandwidth speed. Now when selecting a free or a paid bandwidth speed test website be very careful and do your search and research patiently and you will find an authentic site in no time.

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