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4 Easy methods for how to check if port is open on Windows

In this how to check if port is open article, we will try to answer all the how-to questions we receive on our website. We will add a new question from time to time base on new how to questions that users will ask. For general question, we will try to answer it for the…

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Unix and linux open port guide

Linux Open Port

This Unix and Linux open port guide will try to show you how to get the current open ports on a Linux or Unix box. I am using CentOS 7 for the screen. You need to be familiar with some build in command line tools. Here are the command i will talk about in this…

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Open Port Checker Easy Methods

An Open Port Checker is a tool or methods that can be use to check if a port or list of ports are open, In a short, an open port, in computer, is a service that waits for connection aka listen on a special number that represent the port, the door to use in order…

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Using netstat to get list of open ports

The easy way to check what are the current open ports, on a windows base computer, is by opening the command line tool, by typing cmd in the run command, hitting enter and wait for the black command line window to appear. Here are some steps to open the run command you can use some…

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Another useful build in command that can be used to get information about your current open port is the netstat command. There is a build in command line tool in the Windows and also UNIX operation system that call netstat with this command you can get the current local ip address and the destination ip…

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