NTKShell an Interactive Network Tool Kit Shell

NTKShell an Interactive Network Tool Kit Shell.

NTKShell project is a free Interactive Network Tool Kit Shell design for Windows 10. It is currently on a beta stage and we will love your feedback. Please also take a look at NTKShell part II (soon) where we talk about new features we want to add this shell. The NTKShell project is under development!…

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How to get process threads in Windows 10 C/C++ Source Code Included.

Get process thread tool output

Today I want to share with you a small tool with C/C++ code to get process threads, this tool will get all the threads in the system and show you some information about the thread and the process that run this thread. In this guide we will focus on the following: Global threads count in…

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Brute Force Attack – How To Prevent It?

Brute force attack

With the increasing accessibility of the internet, the cyber-crimes are also getting increased. Brute force attack is a source of the cybercrimes. It is an activity by which the individuals are able to do repetitive attacks on the servers or other online content. With the help of these attacks, the users can crack the password….

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What is DNS server and how does it work?

What is dns server and how it works

A DNS server is basically a phone book or a record of the Internet. In what is DNS server and how does it work? we will try to answer this question. to make it more understandable. What is domain name server (DNS)? All the internet users that access websites or connecting to websites, using different…

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What is a Ddos attack? And it Various Types

what is a ddos attack

Let us clearly understand what is a ddos attack? With a suitable example, ddos stands for denial of service attack. It involves attacking an IP address with a huge amount of the traffic which points to a web server, and then it gets affected by the attack. When the attackers get into your system, then…

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Tracy Software Present Visual Tracy 2019

Visual Tracy 2019

Tracy Software Present Visual Tracy 2019 an independent executable software that changes the look and feel of Visual Studio environment.   Developer intro: Hello, Ok, Tiny introduction, I’m a C++ programmer for almost 20 years. With a lot of experience developing software, extensions, add-ons and more. During the years I always wanted to change the…

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Secure Your Information with an External Port Checker

External Port Checker

With all of the data breaches lately, understanding the security of your information is essential to prevent becoming the next hacking headline. This includes understanding your external IP address and whether there are any open ports available. The good news is that you can use an external port checker to make sure that your data…

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Trade commodities

Trade commodities

One question people have when interested in learning to trade commodities is how long it will take. It can take a couple of months for a hard-working person to learn the basics of trading commodities, but mastering the raw materials inside out can take a lifetime. If you are getting started in the world of…

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Facebook Announces Launch of Libra Cryptocurrency

Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency

Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Move over Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is a new cryptocurrency coming to town. Just announced! Facebook is getting into the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital payment game with the exciting announcement of Libra, a cryptocurrency launching in early 2020. However, Libra is a little different from other crypto counterparts out there. Primarily, because…

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Q Link Wireless shows interest in purchasing Boost Mobile

Issa Asad Q Link Wireless CEO and Founder establish the company in 2011. The company is serving more than two million customers in the united states. The company has between 300 to 500 employees. Q Link Wireless headquarters is in Florida, United States. Brief on Wireless telecommunications: Telecommunications in its natural term is the form…

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