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EDR in Cyber Security – Top 3 Functions You Need To Know

In this article, EDR in Cyber Security Top 3 Functions You Need To Know we are going to talk about the following 3 functions you need to know, uncover the Attacker Automatically, collaborate with Threat Intelligence, and offers Real-Time Visibility. EDR is mainly abbreviated from Endpoint Detection & Response (and is also called EDTR as…

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Web Security Scan – Top 7 Reasons To Use It

If you want to know more about web security scan, then read on. For companies that currently maintain and process sensitive and private information of their employees or customers, there must be sufficient security and compliance in place to not only keep the information secure but also to work with industry best practices. If so,…

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Malicious Traffic Detection

In our malicious traffic detection article, we are going to explore what is it? Why do you need malicious traffic detection? and its advantages. The internet has become a necessity of our lives so much that no one can imagine a single day of their lives without being online. As the days are going by…

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Zerologon Vulnerability

Today we decided to post an article regarding the Zerologon Vulnerability, a vulnerability found on domain controllers. Introduction In September this year, a very intriguing article was published. This Secura article made some very eye-opening disclosures. It published about a new-found vulnerability, CVE-2020-1472 or in simple words Zerologon. For people who are completely unaware, Zerologon…

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Secure Remote Access Software

Secure Remote Access Software: How to Make Remote Access More Secure Gone are the days when you can access business software only via office computers. Nowadays, employees and vendors need remote access to meet the growing demands at work. In tough times like Covid-19 pandemic, it is not really safe for employees to visit the…

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What is Cloud Network Security and why it is so important

Nowadays, the majority of business organizations are using cloud technology to run their applications and store data. It is not only cost-effective but scalable as well. Studies show that the cloud platform is safe and secure as it stores data in remote locations. Even if they lose the original data as well as backup data,…

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Top 4 Free Antivirus Apps for Android

In today world, when we all using mobile phone almost for most of our online activity free antivirus apps for Android is a must. To be safe and protected and to protect our information from our mobile while online. So in this article, we will give you brief information on 4 free antiviruses for your…

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Citrix ADC Vulnerability of Ransom Attacks – Overview, how it Started, and What’s More?

Recently, a common vulnerability of Ransom attacks reported by several businesses. It firstly caught in the news on December 17, 2019. In this, Citrix released Security Bulletin CTX267027 alongside the mitigation steps that are necessary. Again, on January 8, 2020, essential vulnerability notes released by the CERT Coordination center made headlines. So, it got confirmed…

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5 Best free firewall software to start 2020 protected

Malware is vastly increasing. As much as you want to avoid it, you’ll have to face it one way or another. What more if it’s combined with other types of computer viruses that can completely damage your laptop or PC? This is becoming inescapable for people who don’t know anything about security and computer protection….

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Is 2 Factor Authentication Secure? – Get Answer Here

is 2 factor authentication secure

The internet world is full of threats and it leads to the cyber crimes. 2 factor authentication is providing a source by which the individuals can prevent the cyber attacks. Some individuals want to know is 2 factor authentication secure or not. Mainly it depends on the sources that are used by the individuals. In…

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