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Windows File Hash Tool

We, on the open port website, build a new tool that you can use, a file hash tool, It calls FileHasher it can give you several hash signatures about a selected file, include MD5, SHA1, SHA256, CRC32, file entropy and more. we build it for some test that we had to do with hash signature, and now…

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Open Port Viewer

Open Port Viewer is an easy to use GUI tool to get the current list of usage ports on your system. Please right click and run as Administrator to get the module name (exe file) of the owner process. One of the newly added feature is to show the remote address IP number and hostname…

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Hidden Process Detector

Hidden process detector is a light security tool for windows operation system that try to detect running hidden processes. Under windows operation system there are a special type of malware that called rootkit. Rootkits can manipulate the default behavior of the system and hide running process in the system. BETA version work only on Windows…

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WP Comments Remover

WP Comments Remover is a small plugin for WordPress to delete pending comments using a search term. I develop it because I needed and easy way to remove pending, mostly spam, comments from WordPress. After a search in WordPress plugin repository, I was unable to find a plugin that can remove or delete pending comments…

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Windows Open Port Check Tool

OpenPortNet – Windows Open Port Check Tool – is a small windows tool that can check if port is open or close.  Using this tool you can check the state of local and remote host/servers. Open Port Check Tool: A port is the way that one can communicate with another, there are 65535 ports available…

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DNS Lookup Tool DNSLookup is A small DNS Lookup tool for windows, to get the remote host DNS Information by sending a DNS query to your local DNS server. It send a DNS query to your local DNS server regarding the desire Host/Domain/IP, once the DNS server find the requested target it return the target…

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Open Port Whois Tool

Open Port Whois (OPWhois) Tool OPWhoIs is a small wrapper for the whois command line tool. You can use it to fetch whois information for a host/domain/IP address. There is a list of whois servers that you can choose from. What is Whois Tool: The whois command, Whois Too,l is a tool that use for checking…

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PingUI is a small tool, a ping utility with interface, for the Windows Operation System, that give you the option to run a Ping command from a User Friendly Interface. The tool can be also use for continuous ping. PingUI is a small Wrapper for the ping command line tool. You can use it to ping…

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