About OpenPort.net:

OpenPort.net is an information website on subjects related to open port, port scanning, networking and more.

The site can be split into 3 main categories:

  1. Online Tools – Online tools contain network related tools that can be run directly from the site.
    The main site tool is the Open Port Check Tool that can detect on a target machine if a port is open or not.
  2. Offline Tools – Offline tools contain tools that you can download and run from your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
    Mobile tools are currently under development and will be added soon to the website.
  3. Articles – The blog section contains articles related to port scanning, open port, and other networking subjects.
    The articles are updated with new relevant content, so make sure to come to visit us again from time to time to read more information.

Open Port Q&A:

We also add a Q&A section with answers to relevant questions, we will update the section with new questions and answers from time.

The Q&A page can be found here, and you are more than welcome to post us a question using our Contact page.

We also have an email address that you can use to send us an email: openportnet@mail.com

Future Vision:

Our future vision is to add more free online open port tools, offline networking tools, and great content.

Our goal is to make the site a great place for resources to the community.

How can you help?

You, as the reader, is the most important link in the chain.

You are the one that really uses the site.

If you are happy, we will be happy, so if you like the site please share it with your friend, coworkers and across social networks.

If you do not like it please contact us and tell us what you think we did wrong so we can fix it.

We are always happy to get feedback on our service, include:

  • Offline tool suggestion.
  • Online tool suggestion.
  • New articles suggestion.
  • Comments on the site.
  • Anything that you can think off, that will make the site more user-friendly and helpful for all.

Have a Nice Stay on our site,

The OpenPort.net Team.

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