WiFi Password Viewer

I want to share with you a new free tool, for Windows 10, name WiFi Password Viewer. Currently in beta stage.

WiFi Password Viewer screen
WiFi Password Viewer screen

How to view WiFi password on Windows 10?

Using this tool, you will be able to see all the WIFI saved passwords. Mostly, when you connect to a Wi-Fi network, you save the network password, and by that, once you need to reconnect to that network it will do it automatically without asking you for the password again.

This wifi password revealer tool can show you all the WiFi networks that you had been using with the password that has been used to connect them.

WiFi password viewer features:

  • Show you the secret key – password.
  • WiFi Network Name
  • SSID
  • Encryption Type
  • Authentication Type


How to use WiFi Password Viewer:

Start by downloading this view wifi password windows 10 tool, the download link is below in this post.

You may see an error related to an untrusted file download, well this is a new EXE file and is currently unknown. I am adding here a link to VirusTotal to get more information about their finding.

Unzip the zip file, there are 2 files in that zip.

  • WiFiPasswordViewer.exe – This is the tool, that can show you the current saved WiFi password on your system.
  • Readme.txt – The tool readme file, contains more information, license info, and some more related to the tool.


Download Link:

WiFiPasswordViewer (90 downloads)


Virus total link – Virus Total Detection (2/70)


If you have any issues, find bugs, or need more information. Please use our contact page to send us your question.

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