Linux Backup Solutions Investigated – Keep your Data Safe

The computer has completely changed our way of life. Not everyone loves computers, but surely everyone would admit that life without one is pretty hard to imagine. That said the computer itself is cheap and easily replaceable – thanks in part to mass production. What isn’t so easy to replace is your unique data. Think … Read more

Raid data recovery software, the best of the internet in one post

Raid is a technology used to protect data when one hard disk fails. It involves combining multiple disk drive components into a logical unit. However, in the event your Raid begins to demonstrate unexpected behavior, it can be catastrophic for your business. Let me walk you through the best RAID data recovery software in 2017. … Read more

How to perform raid 0 recovery and what to be careful of!

We use computers to handle our day to day tasks. We can use them for communication, academics or business. During this, we store some information in them. They use various computerized processes to store our data. One of these processes is raid 0 recovery. It is a process of storage which breaks up a file … Read more

How to Recover Data from Raid 0 – Information You MUST Know

How to Recover Data from Raid 0? Just to refresh your memory, a RAID 0 is a stripping volume created by two or more hard drives. RAID 0 is often used in different types of servers including snap servers, external hard drives, desktop computers, and NAS units. Data is stored on each hard disk when … Read more

How To Recover Data Recovery Raid 0 Array – Information And Tips

Data recovery raid 0 is a non-redundant array that consists of two disks. It features one of the highly valuable tools for all types of raid arrays. Using raid 0, it’s possible to recover data when all disks are available. If you have a failed disk, only then can you try raid 0. However, before … Read more

Top 3 RAID Recovery Services

RAID covers data storage technology. It is an acronym for the Redundant Array of Independent Disk, here we will cover some RAID Recovery Services. This technology merges more than one drive component into a single unit in a bid to improve the performance of data. When data is put into different drives, it is regarded … Read more

Raid 0

Raid 0: Meaning, Setup,  And Function What is Raid? RAID, an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a way of bringing together several single, small disks into one large storage. The disks that make up an array are combined in various ways which are known as RAID levels. In data storage, the basic … Read more

How To Handle Raid Server Recovery

In this article we will look on the topic of handling a  raid server recovery, A lot of people have been deceived that all RAIDs, especially RAID 1 and RAID 5 have built-in redundancy that prevents them from breaking down easily. This erroneous belief prevents companies from doing proper backups. This misconception makes it disastrous when server … Read more

Raid 0 Vs Raid 1: Which Is Better?

RAID stands for the term redundant array of independent disks which is commonly used in science and technology fields. RAID was initially defined as standing for redundant array of inexpensive disk, but now this is no longer the case as the term encompasses more. RAID is the method in which many independent and small disks … Read more