DNS Check

DNS Check tool will grab DNS data for a requested domain name, and it will show it to you. Our DNS tester tool will try to fetch all the record that he can for the input domain name. beta version!


The DNS tester tool

A DNS checking can tell you, for example, if something was changing in your host records, this free DNS lookup tool is ideal for checking domain name server records. DNS or Domain Name Server is a server that holds records of the domain name and its IP address.

DNS Check Tool
DNS Check Tool | Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

But not only, but there are also some other types of DNS records, that will be explained in this post, the most known ones are the A record the CNAME record and the MX record. This DNS test tool will try to fetch all of them. If it manages to fetch the data this DNS tester will try to bring more DNS data records for the desired domain.

Types of DNS check records:

Here are the lists of the records that our DNS check tool try to fetch.

A record – Host address:

Also known as the DNS A record, or the host address, aka the IP address that bound to the domain. This is done by adding a dotted quad address as the DNS A record.

When you type a domain name into your browser, the DNS server converts this name to an IP address.

A record map name to number (IP) – example.com ->

AAAA Record – IP v6 address:

Think of this as a DNS A Record for IP version 6. IPv6 uses colons separator in the IP string/number.

CNAME  Record РCanonical name for an alias РAKA the domain name:

The CNAME record is used for domain name alias, you can point one domain name to another name.

CNAME map name to name – example.com -> www.example.com.

MX Record – Mail exchanger:

The MX DNS record is used to specifying the mail exchanger record

MX map name to email name – example.com -> mail.example.com.

NS Record – Name Server – Authoritative nameserver:

The NS record is usage to delegates a DNS zone to use the given authoritative name servers.

PTR Record – Domain name pointer:

The PTR Record or PTR Resource Record is a pointer to a canonical name. Mostly use for reverse DNS lookups. But not only.

SRV Record – Service record:

The SRV record is a general-purpose record to use with service location record. It is in use for newer protocols mainly for creating records that are protocol specific. The MX is a good example to use the SRV record.

SOA Record – Start of Authority:

SOA records are containing zone information mainly from an administrative perspective. Information about DNS zone transfer is a common use of this record.

TXT record – Text strings:

A TXT record in DNS is used to give an option to add text information to the domain host or name. It can be information about the server itself or network related in a language that people can understand – like plain English.

CAA Record – Certification Authority Authorization:

This record the CAA is a security policy that gives the domain owner the option to authorized and deploy digital certificate for the domina. You can do it by adding a new CAA resource record to in the DNS setting.

A free DNS Check tool that you can use for DNS checking OR DNS tester. This DNS Test will fetch all that it can about the target hostname.

For more information on DNS please refer to our What is DNS server and how does it work? article.