What is hidden behind svchost process.

What is hidden behind svchost process? A process that runs on your system. Did you ever wonder? The svchost exe file is a Microsoft file that its name is Host Process for Windows Services. Using it you can run inner services. If you open your task manager under the windows operation system, you can see … Read more

8 Good to know windows command line tools

Windows operating system comes with some build in windows command line tools. Tools that you can use for all kind of tasks. In the following article, I will write about some windows command line utils related to networking. You should be familiar with the tools. It can be helpful in many cases. All the command … Read more

How to Flush DNS on Windows

DNS (domain name service) is what translates a domain name into a number, IP address, from time to time you may need to clean its data by using the flush DNS command in the ipconfig command line on the windows operating system. DNS records are cached automatically by most of the operating system today, this … Read more


A useful build in command line tool that can be used to get information about your current IP address is the ipconfig command, keep reading to master it. There is a build-in command line tool in the Windows and also UNIX operation system that call ipconfig with this command you can get the current locals … Read more


A good to know command line tool that you can use is the arp command, ARP stands for address resolution protocol. The Arp command line tool: It is a network protocol and it is used for resolution of the network layer addresses into the link layer addresses, convert an IP address into its physical address, … Read more


A good to know command line tool that you can use is the Nbtstat command, this command can give you protocol statistic and TCP/IP connections using NetBIOS over TCP, and it is very useful command if you need to get information about IP address for example. It is also good for troubleshoot NetBIOS name resolution … Read more