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Online Ping Test

Online Ping Test is a small networking utility tool that can be used to ping a website, a remote host, server and other devices.
It uses the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) protocol to send an echo package to the target machine and measures the round-trip time that this package is travel from the originating host to a target computer that is echoed back to the source aka ping-pong.
The ping command in the operating system can be used to check for 2 things(among other option that it has):
1. If the target system is up.
2. How long is it take to get an answer from the target system?
Please refer to the Ping article for more information about the ping command (under Microsoft Windows).
If you need an offline ping tool, for Microsoft Windows, check out our  PingUI tool, a small ping wrapper with easy to use user interface.

 How To Use:

To check if the website is up or down, please do the following:
  1. Set the target hostname, domain name or IP address.
  2. Press the ping button.



$result = false;
$port = 80;
$dom = cleanBadChars($_POST[‘ping_host’]);
if($pf = @fsockopen($dom,$port, $err, $err_string, 1))
$result = true;
}echo “Host: $dom is “;
if($result === true)
echo “Up!“;
echo “Down!“;


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