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How to telnet to a port using telnet on Windows 10

Telnet is a small application that can be used on your local device to communicate using a textbase, command line, bidirectional interactive terminal. Telnet use port 23 as the default telnet port to send and receive text data over the network. In Short Answer: To telnet a port you can use the following command: telnet…

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How to block a phone number the complete guide

Phones are a wonderful source of communication between people from all over the world. The aim of manufacturing a phone i.e landline and mobile phone was to provide a source for communicating and to shorten the distance between people and the phone has been successful in doing this job. Warning: please use this guide with…

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Where Is Windows 10 Startup Folder?

Windows 10 startup folder, If you are an avid user of the Windows 10 system then you might have heard about it. The Startup folder. If you haven’t then we are about to talk about it right here. But before that, you need to know about the Startup programs which are present in Windows 10….

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Best Free VPN 2019 Edition

In this article, you will learn more about the Best Free VPN that you can use for 2019/2020 Edition. you can find here information on the top 5 free VPN that you can use today. Do you want to know about the amazing VPN downloads that happen all the time? Well, to be honest, these…

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How Can You Scan Servers and Hosts by Using UDP Port Test Tool?

UDP Port Test Tool

How Can You Scan Servers and Hosts by Using UDP Port Test Tool? you ask we answer, please keep on reading. UDP is known as the user datagram protocol, and it is the member of an internet protocol suite. You can send messages through computers applications to the other clients on the internet protocol with…

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Guide to Examine a Linux Forensics Disc Image

Linux forensics

When it comes to analyzing a Linux disc image,  Linux forensics comes to play as it determines the type of the error and then resolves it. This is the beginning steps and method that can be applied. The process of the analysis is different from other Microsoft windows forensics. Sometimes the forensics believes that the…

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How to change IP address the defensive guide

To change IP address you have several options to choose from you can use a proxy, VPN, use a special web browser, connect to another wifi, reset your modem or router (not 100% work) or use a dedicated tool for that. Anyone can change the IP address that he is currently using, each one and…

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How to get process threads in Windows 10 C/C++ Source Code Included.

Get process thread tool output

Today I want to share with you a small tool with C/C++ code to get process threads, this tool will get all the threads in the system and show you some information about the thread and the process that run this thread. In this guide we will focus on the following: Global threads count in…

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Q Link Wireless shows interest in purchasing Boost Mobile

Issa Asad Q Link Wireless CEO and Founder establish the company in 2011. The company is serving more than two million customers in the united states. The company has between 300 to 500 employees. Q Link Wireless headquarters is in Florida, United States. Brief on Wireless telecommunications: Telecommunications in its natural term is the form…

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How to send exe files

send exe files

In current time, with the grows of viruses and malware, it is almost impossible to send exe files using email message, due to the fact that filters automatically flag an exe file as a dangerous file and block it. Here I am going to show you a trick, method to send exe files from your…

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