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How To Use CentOS Firewall

In this how-to use CentOS Firewall guide, we will give you all the needed information to set up your firewall on a Cent OS device. We will start with some definitions and dive into the configuration. Firewall: A firewall is a system made or designed to protect a private network from access by unauthorized or…

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A basic guide to proxy detector and proxy checker.

A basic guide to proxy detector and proxy checker. Although proxy check, proxy detector, and even proxy server are now commonly used terms in technology and computing contexts. There are many people without advanced computing knowledge. People who are still unaware of what these phrases mean and how they may be increasingly relevant to their…

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How to find the port to check that are in use on a windows device

There may be various applications on your windows device that uses the internet. With these different applications running, it is apparent that they need ports to connect to the internet. Port acts as a gateway through which these applications communicate with the internet. Sometimes two distinct forms might need to use the same port, and…

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Cloudflare check ip unraveling the walls of cloudflare

In this Cloudflare check ip unraveling the walls of Cloudflare we will talk about it. Companies like Cloudflare have been continuously striving to make the World Wide Web a safer place to browse. they doing it by constructing virtual walls around the original web page addresses. The aim of this article is to give an…

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Website to check open ports

Today I was sitting in front of my laptop, thinking about what to write about. During my research, I found the following term, a website to check open ports, and thought about this website. Why not write an article about what this web site is doing, for free, so that everyone that looking for sites…

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Barracuda Blacklist Check and Removal Guide

Different networks have all through fought the spread of spam, but then it has never been such an easy task. Barracuda Networks in September 2008 created a free DNSBL BRBL, Barracuda Reputation Block List for IP addresses known to send spam. It has all been used in public since its creation. The blacklist check is tested…

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How to telnet to a port using telnet on Windows 10

Telnet is a small application that can be used on your local device to communicate using a textbase, command line, bidirectional interactive terminal. Telnet use port 23 as the default telnet port to send and receive text data over the network. In Short Answer: To telnet a port you can use the following command: telnet…

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How to block a phone number the complete guide

Phones are a wonderful source of communication between people from all over the world. The aim of manufacturing a phone i.e landline and mobile phone was to provide a source for communicating and to shorten the distance between people and the phone has been successful in doing this job. Warning: please use this guide with…

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Where Is Windows 10 Startup Folder?

Windows 10 startup folder, If you are an avid user of the Windows 10 system then you might have heard about it. The Startup folder. If you haven’t then we are about to talk about it right here. But before that, you need to know about the Startup programs which are present in Windows 10….

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Best Free VPN 2019 Edition

In this article, you will learn more about the Best Free VPN that you can use for 2019/2020 Edition. you can find here information on the top 5 free VPN that you can use today. Do you want to know about the amazing VPN downloads that happen all the time? Well, to be honest, these…

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