Welcome to the OpenPort laboratory page, where we will publish tools and ideas in prerelease, beta, etc state.

Please note: The download link will be added soon!

computer laboratory
Computer Laboratory | Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

List Of Our Laboratory Dev Tools:

Here is the current list of under-development tools, in our development laboratory, that you can download and test, you can help us by giving feedback, report about bugs, and share your thought regarding the tool with us.

Last update: 4/1/2020

Please note: The download link will be added soon!


Auto Clicker Tool

This tool can simulate a mouse click, it can also send a special text or keyword click to another open Windows, can repeat the click with wait interval between each click.

Port Listener:

Port Listener
Port Listener Tool

A small tool that lets you open any port on your system and also close it. Once open you can use a telnet-based tool to communicate with using the port.


hscan | heuristic malware scanner tool

A command-line heuristic malware scanner currently works only on PE file type(exe, dll, etc).

Delete All History:

Delete All History
Delete All History Tool

Small tool to delete all your PC history. very aggressive.


Lab State Tool
Lab State

Lab state is a small tool that lets you ping, continuous ping, and create other protocols to check if a target device is up.

Open Port As A Service:

An online porting of the LabState tool, to be used as an online service (SaaS + Mobile app).


More to come…

How to report a bug?

First of all thanks for whiling to help us with our tools.

  • Please use the contact page and set the tool name as the message.
  • The following can be very helpful:
  • Steps to recreate the bug (if any).
  • The operating system that the tool runs on (RE: Windows 10).
  • If the tool created a log, please upload it.
  • If you have a screen of the bug we will also be happy to get it.

How to send feedback?

You can use the contact page to send us feedback, question, or any other comment related to our site and tools.