4 Main Steps to Becoming a Web Designer

Here are the 4 main steps to become a Web Designer, ever wanted to be one.

Becoming a Web Designer

Step 1: Learn All About the Principles and Practices of Good Website Design

There are some skills you need to have to build a website. If you would like to learn these skills, it is good to consider learning them in a classroom setting.

While self-taught designers can get good jobs, completing a college degree program can help those who want to become web designers develop foundational skills needed by their job.

Step 2: Learn and Continue Learning about Website Design Theories and Techniques

The reason why it is a good idea to continue learning about website design theories and techniques is the fact that web design preferences and styles are constantly evolving.

Even though web designers can learn about website design theories and techniques in college, motivated designers usually look for additional reading, instruction, and insight into the layout, aesthetics, contrast, emphasis and creating a unified user experience.

Step 3: Get Certified As a Web Designer

You don’t need to earn industry certifications to become a web designer. However, these certifications can help enhance your career prospects.

This is because of the fact that certifications demonstrate a web designer’s proficiency and competency in important areas of the industry including e-commerce, design, administration and site development.

In addition, employers regard a certified web designer as an ideal job candidate.

Step 4: Build a Powerful Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand is not something that you learn in college. The best web designers often have a strong portfolio of past projects to show potential employers.

Additionally, such web designers have a strong network of business associates and colleagues that they can tap for job opportunities, freelance projects, collaboration, and education.

Speak to professional recruiters, Evolution jobs for advise on how to get your brand in front of prospective employers.


A newbie web designer can build a powerful personal brand by attending web design conferences, joining industry organizations, and by doing their projects right (this can help a designer earn respect from their employers and peers).

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