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What Is Advanced Ip Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a tool that allows you to check connected computers in your LAN (local area network). Many computers are linked to one another and control systems to watch each can be cumbersome. Advanced IP scanner is a free down loadable program that will detect and advise you of each computer linked in a system and inform you, as the system administrator, on a master computer.

The Features of Advanced IP Scanner:

Advanced IP scanner has additional features that allow the system administrator to remote connect and even control individual PC’s, laptops, and other connected device. Normally, Radmin or RDP is used for remote control of the linked devices. Advanced IP scanner can even detect MAC addresses.

Normally linked computers run similar software, in particular, the operating system. But Advanced IP scanner can detect a MAC address. When Advanced IP Scanner is used, the administrator selects a range of IP addresses and, using the menu options on Advanced IP Scanner, scans for anything connected in that range.

The program is easy to use with a simple menu interface. After scanning, a list of available computers will be loaded and the administrator can select one or several computers to shut down or wake. The program will list network resources that are shared, such as HTTPS, FTP, HTTP and shared folders in the network, regardless if they are cable or Wi-Fi. From this list, the administrator can select any of the shared programs or files.

Access to remote viewing and control is through Radmin or RDP. The local administrator’s computer should have the remote viewing software installed prior to use. The Advanced IP Scanner program reads the remote viewer as soon as it’s opened. Then access to shared computers is listed and a connection can be made for remote viewing, as long as the administrator has the proper access credentials and login information.

The remote access panel offers options as well, such as full control or simple shared file view or even file transfer using a simple panel menu. Additional features include the ability to group linked computers into lists such as favorites, best for those end users needing frequent waking, shut down or file access. Favorites load automatically on starting the program, for ease of use.

Individual computers can be selected for scan and use or the entire networked set of listed IP’s can be scanned in entirety. The main menu of Advanced IP Scanner offers more options as well. The administrator can even force shut down on remote computers that are still running programs. The tool can be used for waking computers, rebooting them and even sending a message. The end user will receive notice that their system will be shut down or rebooted in a certain amount of time.

Advanced IP Scanner is an easy to use administrator tool for controlling, watching and file sharing computers in a LAN.

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