3 Real Time Bandwidth Monitoring Software

Do you know that network administrators need bandwidth monitoring software to perform certain tasks? With the help of this software, you will be able to discover real-time upload and download speeds in several ways.

It also helps to inform administrators of bandwidth thresholds breach, network load problems and just to mention a few. Monitoring or inspection software can help to track network devices, a bandwidth of leased lines and connections.

Is your quest for the 3 real time bandwidth monitoring software in vogue today? Read on to find out powerful bandwidth software that can help you internet connection, time and again.

Bandwidth Monitor Download:

In most cases, you will discover that bandwidth monitor software provided real-time network traffic of any SNMP device.

It will also provide the complete information of the bandwidth used at both device and interface levels. The SNMP is often utilized to create information of the bandwidth used regarding the interface network operation.

This software remains the trends or records of historical bandwidth usage, exporting the reports of bandwidth to the format of XLS, alert based on thresholds, speed, monitoring bandwidth, the packets transferred, the volume used, and agent-less bandwidth monitoring.

Networx Free Download:

Networx remains a free and powerful tool that supports you to check or determine the conditions of your bandwidth.

It also makes sure you do not move over your bandwidth restrictions that have been provided by the ISP.

Networx comes with sound alerts on several events, highly personalized visual including network downtime, bandwidth quotas as well as graphical representation of the traffic, the activity of the suspicious network, and logged files.

Du Meter Download:

The Du Meter is one of the most reliable bandwidth monitoring software that you can depend on, time and again.

It helps to display real-time graphs, creates alerts and reports depending on downloads and uploads established on your PC to make the computer highly efficient.

The key features of this software include enhancement of automatic error recovery and reporting, fixing of rare memory leakage, security update, fixation of several extra minor typos and bugs, and improvement on uninstalled and installed files.


The ADSL speed test software is also a great alternative to the bandwidth monitoring tool.

It simply helps you to test your internet speed to provide a friendly interface. It comes with well-arranged and clean interface carrying a couple of alternatives in configuration.

This will help to make operations much easier. Any test carried out by this software is always fast. It simply uses the test on the tab enabling you to change the settings.

It features great statistics that help in displaying the outcomes of the test mixed with the details such as IP address, country, state, city, ping, proxy, upload speed, and average download. In most cases, you will need this software for Windows 8.1 or 7.

It is simply because the software remains the best item when ISP provided restricted quota for downloading and uploading. It does not only checks the internet usage but the bandwidth as well. It can as well help to detect any activity of the suspicious network and checks the speed. You can give this 3 real time bandwidth monitoring software a try now.

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