Barracuda Blacklist Check and Removal Guide

Different networks have all through fought the spread of spam, but then it has never been such an easy task. Barracuda Networks in September 2008 created a free DNSBL BRBL, Barracuda Reputation Block List for IP addresses known to send spam. It has all been used in public since its creation. The blacklist check is tested and proved a manufacturer of hardware anti-spam appliances that is exceptionally accurate. It has all through reported low false incident rate of positiveness since it got into the market. Many organizations have placed it as their first DNS blacklist, and SpamHaus checks at large.

Barracuda Blacklist Check
Barracuda Blacklist Check | Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Even though the usage of BRBL is free. You will need to register the IP address of your servers to receive authorization to use. Determining the IP address to list involves gathering of data using the common DNS blacklist techniques like the spam traps and email relays. But then, there are no possibilities of adding any IP address whatsoever to The BRBL. A lot of IP data come from the base of Barracuda anti-spam appliances hardware. A user can choose to report each of these IP data for possible inclusion to the BRBL.

BRBL anti-spam appliances hardware manufacturer has turned out as a significant advantage in their accuracy levels and methods of listing. They use their hardware to pay their clients to help them all relevant data about spammers they’ll require at any time. As a result of their market dominance, they manage millions of data points daily.

Reasons you may find your IP blacklisted.

When a particular email gets sent to Barracuda, analysis is done to determine whether the connecting machine is a node or open proxy to the spam-generating botnet. If there is proof to these two, the IP is added to the block list immediately.

To stay off being blacklisted, you need to determine the cause the server got registered at the blacklist. This is the only way you’ll have yourself out; otherwise, you will be wasting time waiting to get your IP removed.

Circumstances that lead your IP to be at the blacklist

  • The IP is among identified spambot networks.
  • It’s an open existing email relay.
  • The IP is fond of sending several spam trap addresses.

Spambot networks should even avoid trying to get out of the list since the possibility to clear themselves are next to nil. For open email relays, this is a thing of the past. You will find several email servers nowadays enabling authentication by default. This is also a case not to worry a lot about unless otherwise, you change the server settings.

The top reason that leads IP addresses to the blacklist is spamming. The primary spamming sources include:

  • All kinds of unsafe contacts
  • User accounts that have been compromised
  • Compromised website applications

To determine whether a user account is compromised, you can scan through the server logs for the same. You will find hacked accounts sending several abnormal messages at large. So, you need to regularly check your accounts with unusual logins by searching the mail server for logins. All you should do after identifying a spam source is changing the login credentials and alert the end-users to scan their systems for possible malware.

Another spam source is all insecure contact forms. For them, they are easily noticeable in stats and weblogs. You need to be aware of spam sent to you if you notice several POST requests chipping into your contact form. In case of any questionable activity, you need to immediately look at your contact forms version and ensure you only use the latest updates.

It’s complicated tracking down any form of web application exploitation. You need to understand the matter well to help you get out of the blacklist. There is a need to rely on log analysis and malware scanners to determine scripts and sites that send spam.

The general listing criteria

As we have stated above, spam proxies, traps, and open email relay mark as points instant listing when detected. A basic test is conducted to the particular IP address in question if the test gets to pass, the address is scored against the reputation system. It has been designed with several Barracuda anti-spam appliances data to generate a score the level of spam the sent message might be carrying. In case it is determined as spam, it will immediately be listed to BRBL.

The removal process

All concerns about removal from the blacklist are done manually. All investigations are handled on a case by case basis in the entire removal process. You are required to fill an online removal form for your request to be processed. BRBL honors most sent an application in 24 hrs. BRBL has also advanced to work on behalf of to whitelist requested IPs at large. This organization will start investigations to have required domains out of blacklist if found clean. A small investigation fee should be paid for this, for which you will be free after you’re proved clean.

Verification of blacklist removal A small fee is required

You can check this in different ways; the easiest one is sending an email. You can likewise do it by rerunning the check tools in the Barracuda Blacklist system. If you’re no longer blacklisted, the tool should show you that.


It’s quite easy getting your IP address out of the Barracuda blacklist. However, once you are free, it’s should mark a lesson to stop all cases of spam that puts you into such lists. You will find most businesses using their own Barracuda security email systems to curb this problem. The above process is deployed only by the Barracuda public blacklist system. In case you’re enlisted by a private Barracuda system, you might find it tough to get out. For this, you will have to contact the email administrator directly to remove you from the blacklist. Learn today to have full knowledge of how to remove server IPs from a block list if you at one time get blacklisted somewhere.

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