Brute Force Attack – How To Prevent It?

With the increasing accessibility of the internet, the cyber-crimes are also getting increased. Brute force attack is a source of the cybercrimes. It is an activity by which the individuals are able to do repetitive attacks on the servers or other online content. With the help of these attacks, the users can crack the password.

Brute force attack
Brute force attack | Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay

For such a task, there are different types of combinations tested by the system. All these activities regarding the creation of combinations and testing them are performed by the bots. These bots are installed maliciously in other’s system and start processing such kind of attack.

Brute force attack – An introduction:

The biggest objective that can be achieved with the help of these attacks is getting access to other’s site. It works by trying numerous combinations for forming usernames and passwords. It runs the process and tries several combinations until do not get the perfect match.

Key facts

Everyone wants to know how a brute force attack can start. For it, the interested ones need to use some codes and basic programming skills. It can be done any coder. If we talk about the best bot for such attack then it is capable of trying 1000 combinations in a second. All these things are becoming useful in finishing the process quickly and get success.

Tips to prevent an attack:

No one wants to share their private data. Due to it, they are finding a perfect source by which they can prevent these attacks easily. Following are some basic guidelines.

Length of password:

Password length is playing the most important role. Mainly the attacks are becoming successful in cracking the passwords with 8 characters. More characters in the password are leading to more combinations. It is the biggest reason that’s why the majority of online platforms are asking users for creating a password with a length of 8 to 16 characters.

The complexity of the password:

Another key factor is the complexity of the password. Everyone should try to create a password by making a unique combination. Strong or complex passwords may not be detected by the brute force attack. Some individuals are using highly simple passwords that can be easily cracked. You should not make such a mistake and try something different. For a complex password, you should add numbers, alphabets (lowercase and uppercase) and symbols in the password.

Apply limits:

The attacks are trying combinations and log in the account. It can be prevented by applying a login limit. Applying the limits is becoming useful in several ways such as – you can avoid the numerous attempts of the bot. At once the bot finishes the minimum number of attempts then that particular IP address is blocked by the system.

Two-factor authentications:

It provides an additional layer for protection to the users. The accounts those are featured with the 2-factor authentication they are safe from brute force attack. The chances of getting success for an attacker are very low in these cases.

For applying such a protection system, the users have several options. You should take any step by discussing properly with the experts.

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