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Best Malware Removal Tools

Here are the best malware removal tools that you can use, and need to use due to the rise of cyber crime. Malware, a small software that designed to harm your device, in a way, are very popular nowadays. It is a fact – almost all of the people are using computer or mobile device and…

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Best Malware Protection Tips

Malware is frightening, primarily because it is so prevalent today. Manifesting in a variety of formats and mediums, from emails to torrents, there is no avoiding Malware today, this is why malware protection is a must. It could be argued that there has never been a time since the invention of the internet when it…

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5 Antivirus Protection Tools

The following are some of the most popular and effective antivirus protection tools that are guaranteed to protect your computer from the malware types. Antivirus Protection Tools An antivirus is essentially a program that is created to remove and prevent viruses from spreading. However, in recent times malware is the term that is generally used…

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Network Vulnerability Scanner

The majority of people owning a computer can only perform the basic skills: how to turn it on and off, how to browse the internet or send an e-mail. Many of them also know the main steps in installing programs or secure the device so it is not affected by viruses or system malfunctions. Still,…

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Online Virus Scanner

When we are talking about online virus scanner we can talk about two options, the first option is using an online virus scanner to scan our computer for viruses and other threats and the second option is to upload a suspected file to web site that contain a scanning service that will scan the upload…

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What are the features of a good vulnerability scanner?

Are you worried about the safety of the system of your computer? Do you want to improve defects present in your system?  If your answer is yes, then you should definitely invest in vulnerability scanner. You may be wondering what it does. Well basically it is a computer program whose job is to find loopholes…

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What are the features of a good network scanner?

Network scanner is a very helpful service. To put it simply it is a type of a computer program that will map out a network which will help you to decide which services and computers can be exploited. There are many websites which provides this software for you and you have the option to do…

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Protect the computer from viruses with an online scanner

Technology has taken over the world. Everything that is done is now run by software or a server loaded on the computer. For instance, there are different kinds of apps that can measure distance travelled or weight gain, traffic and street lights are operated through an online network, etc. With so much tech-savvy gadgets ruling…

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Port Scanner And Scanning Methods

Port scanner is one of the most popular reconnaissance approaches attackers use to get services they can certainly break into. All machines attached to a Local Location Network (LAN) or maybe Internet run quite a few services that hear at well-known instead of so well identified ports. A port check out helps the attacker find…

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Secure Sites

As a web site owner you are responsible to secure your site, as all the other thing that you do in order to maintain your site you need to secure sites, this will ensure that users that use your site are safe from problematic malicious attacks and that your server is secure and not open…

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