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How to check if port is open

Many people often do not know how to check if port is open especially when using a computer. However, with a guide, you will learn on how you can check if the port is actually open. Here is a guide that you should know:

Step 1

The first method that you can use is by telnet when Testing Open Ports. When you have Knowledge Base, you will learn on how you can easily check them, especially when working using your computer. This will also make sure that you have a well-functioning computer with no mechanical hitches.

Step 2

Open your website browser before attempting to load different https websites, like your personal website such as During these times, you should ensure that you do have at least one of the connections successful. You can also make port 443 to be fully open on the end. Alternatively, you can determine if your port 443 is fully open at a given remote server address. You can do this by following Steps 3 right through to step 5.

Step 3

It is important that you click the keypad “Start” before positioning your cursor within the “Search” box. This will enable you to check whether you have a port that is fully functioning before you can make a decision of opening or not.

Step 4

By typing “cmd” (without quotation marks) and pressing the keypad “Enter”, you will be able to get the settings right before you can start to open it.

Step 5

In any case, you are still experiencing problems when trying to check if the port is open, you can type “telnet” or replace your “” with a web server address through the HTTPS. For instance, when you have a, you can learn how to open it when you do your online research thus making you do it. If you do get a blank screen with flashing cursor, you will open the port 443 easily without having to struggle. If in any case this port is closed, you are likely to receive a notification “Couldn’t open connection to host the port 443: A connect failed” message as an error. You can redo the process to ensure that you fix it, especially when you need to learn how to check if the port is open. You may seek help from an experienced and certified computer expert who will assist you through the process.

In conclusion

The above is a guide on how to check if the port is open especially when using a computer.

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