How to create a free https certificate for your website

Creating a free https certificate the unofficial guide, today SSL certificate is a must for website. I will show you step by step how to move your site from http to https using a free SSL certificate service.

Free HTTPS Certificate
Free HTTPS Certificate

What is an SSL Certificate?

In general term SSL certificate contains information of organization (or individual) in a digital cryptographic key. A free https certificate is an optional way to help all website owner make their site more secure without the needs to pay.

Why do I need free https certificate?

Did you know that you can create your own SSL certificate, free and use it for your website?

This certificate is recommended for personal website, blog owner and website that do not contain a selling area, credit card transactions and logins. For that it is recommended to buy a certificate that give support, warranty and long validity to your clients.

Also know that SSL certificate is important for your site SEO, it helps for your site ranking in search engine like google.

From security perspective you want your site to use a certificate to encrypt the data, to give your users another level of defense when they use your site.

Is there a limitation for the free SSL certificate?

Yes, there is one limitation for this method, the free https certificate needs to be renew every 90 days, but, its free so…

OK, lets start.

Creating a free https certificate:

  1. Go to ZeroSSL.
  2. Start the CSR Generator – Set your domain, re:,
  3. Save the CSR signature and you Private Key Signature.
  4. Start FREE SSL Certificate Wizard.
  5. Set your CSR signature – > press Next.
  6. Save your Account Key signature -> and Press Next.
  7. Download both files (for and
  8. Upload them to your server/hosting (create both folders as explain in the site).
  9. Verify the link is working to both and – > Press Next.
  10. Save your cert signature.

To install the certificate on GoDaddy:

  1. Go to your cPanel.
  2. Press on SSL/TLS.
  3. Select your
  4. Copy paste your Cert (10), Private Key(3) and your Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) (second sig on 10).
  5. Press install Certificate -> Have fun!

*The number in the parentheses represent the step in how to do free https certificate section.

WordPress plugin for SSL:

If your are using the free SSL certificate for a WordPress site, I recommended using the Really Simple SSL plugin to make your site SSL proof ready.

I hope you find this guide useful, in open port website we are trying to do the best we can to give you, the reader the best content that we can.

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