Top 10 Best Free Network Diagnostic Tools.

In this article, we are going to talk about free network diagnostic tools. We will show you a list of 10 tools that you can use to diagnose and troubleshoot your network.

Free Network Diagnostic Tools
Free Network Diagnostic Tools | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Network investigation can give you the primary sources of network issues, for example, slow speeds, network association issues, and parcel misfortune on over-burden network gadgets, for example, switches and switches or missing data in the steering table and other framework databases, for example, DNS or DHCP framework servers.

With the entirety of the free network diagnostic tools in this rundown, you can catch a work process that contains data pretty much all conceivable network issues. On the off chance that network professionals plan your network accurately, there ought to be no issues that will hinder the framework, and network investigation and the executives ought to be a lovely assignment.

Here is our rundown of the 10 best free network diagnostic tools:

1. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager gives the capacity to robotize troubleshooting in the framework. Occupied directors frequently disregard network gadget settings. Network execution might be decreased because not all settings on your gadget are organized. With the Network Configuration Manager, you spare time via looking for all free network diagnostic tools, backing up network gadgets, and importing their settings into a focal manager. You can make and execute a standard configuration for every gadget type.

The framework configuration troubleshooter is an important security tool. Unapproved gatecrashers can be followed or hindered through networked network gadgets. Along these lines, changing settings is a typical assault technique. Network Configuration Manager persistently screens the configurations of all network gadgets and naturally reestablishes the approved settings that are spared as pictures when a change is identified.

2. SolarWinds port scanner

The free SolarWinds port scanner allows comparable advantages to the current Nmap port scanner (that we likewise grow in this rundown) with an instinctive and straightforward to-begin graphical UI. If you need to jump into the universe of network troubleshooting and port investigation, this tool is a fantastic spot to begin. The primary activity makes it conceivable to expel specific specialized deterrents to access to other comparable tools.

SolarWinds Port Scanner is a fantastic free utility that permits you to give a rundown of open, shut, and sifted ports for each filtered IP address. It can likewise resolve you have names, provide a diagram of MAC addresses, and so on. It very well may be run on the order line, and the outcomes can be exported to a document.

3. Paessler Network Troubleshooting with PRTG

PaTler’s PRTG is a far-reaching reconnaissance framework. It can assist you with troubleshooting issues as it can analyze network issues legitimately under the convention bundle and distinguish the reason for the item. Port checking is a network diagnostic procedure that you can use with this tool.

PRTG contains two port observing sensors. One enters a particular port on a specific gadget, and different checks a progression of port numbers. This tool just screens TCP ports. The port range sensor has extra capacities that a solitary port sensor doesn’t offer. You can arrange it to check the port with TLS assurance. The two sensors report the reaction time of the port and whether it is open or shut.

PRTG incorporates network traffic investigation tools that you can use to investigate organization speed. The tool comprises of a few traffic checking advancements, including following a course to a goal with a traceroute and a ping survey that gives you reaction times for each hub in your network. The bundle inhaler can disclose to you which applications and endpoints are causing unnecessary traffic. You can check the security of network gadgets to figure out which ones are over-burden to pause.

4. Ping

It tends to have contended that ping is one of the most notable and utilized announcements that the framework handles.

It is a correspondence application that IT administrators can use to test whether they have a network associated with a remote framework and whether it is reacting or not.

It utilizes ICMP bundles for correspondence and gets similar packages accordingly.

This reaction cautions the client, whether the remote framework is reacting or not.

This is a beneficial troubleshooting tool since you can ping any gadget utilizing an IP address or hostname.

The tool accompanies practically all working frameworks and can be accustomed to ping some other gadget utilizing TCP/IP.

5. Tracert

Tracert is a comparable tool, which is indistinguishable, however, shows progressively point by point data about the way of your information while in transit to the objective to be tried.

The Internet is intended for recurrence, which implies that TCP/IP bundles take the briefest course.

If you are encountering network issues, for example, terrible associations or high inertness, tracert will furnish you with nitty-gritty data about every switch in its way.

This will reveal to you which sites your association is coming up short or not working effectively to find the issue.

It is additionally a superb tool for finding purposes of disappointment in our network, particularly if your information traffic needs to experience more than one switch while in transit to the goal IP address or site.

6. Ipconfig

Characterizing IP settings on your PC is a fundamental piece of troubleshooting network mistakes. The ipconfig order will support you. At the point when you type ipconfig at an order brief, IPv4, IPv6, the default subnets and doors are returned for all network connectors on the PC. This will assist you in deciding whether your PC has the right IP configuration. Ipconfig can likewise be utilized to adjust or refresh explicit IP boundaries.

This is a fast option in contrast to exploring the working framework GUI settings to discover the network configuration and can make it simpler to check your IP address by entering this order.

7. Netstat

With Netstat, you can see dynamic associations on your nearby PC. This can be valuable because you need to decide why clients can’t associate with a particular application on a server or if you find associations with remote hosts from a PC. On the off chance that you type netstat at an order speedy, all dynamic TCP associations are shown. Adding boundaries to the netstat order broadens or changes usefulness.

With Netstat, you can decide the present status of your network association. Most importantly, you additionally realize what befalls the current status of the associations made with the PC.

Shows all as of now dynamic ports tuning in to your meeting and can make you aware of dubious movement.

It likewise shows how various administrations interface with open ports on the framework. So on the off chance that you have a program or application that isn’t working effectively, you can decide the specific reason for the issue.

8. Nmap

Nmap is a mainstream security audit and network investigation tool discharged under a committed open-source permit dependent on GPLv2. Even though the most widely recognized use cases for Nmap are security checks and entrance testing, it can likewise be helpful as a network troubleshooting tool. For instance, on the off chance that you are working with an obscure application and need to realize which administrations are running and which ports are open, Nmap can help. Nmap itself utilizes the order line interface (CLI). In any case, that doesn’t mean you’re fortunate to incline toward a graphical UI (GUI). Zenmap is the authority graphical interface for Nmap and a brilliant route for novices to work with Nmap.

9. Wireshark

Wireshark is a convention analyzer and one of the network tools for organizations of all sizes when network issues should be settled with high accuracy. The benefit of utilizing Wireshark to dissect network traffic is that you can see the principal network parcels. Along these lines, you can frequently recognize the primary driver of an issue. This can be especially helpful in circumstances where it is hard to tell which application isn’t doing what it should do, or when you are attempting to figure out the usefulness of an ineffectively archived program. The trade here is that you have a great deal of information that you can break down. In this way, some specific information might be required to find and distinguish essential data.

Even though Wireshark is an extraordinary tool, the information produced isn’t, in every case, increasingly agreeable for non-amateurs to comprehend. When you are searching for point by point, network representation and examination utilizing information made with WireShark. This tool permits clients to download and dissect .pcap documents and gives simple to-peruse rundowns of reaction times and measures of intelligence.

10. Sysinternals

Microsoft Sysinternals Networks Utilities supports Windows chairpersons who need progressed diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. Sysinternals utilities incorporate tools, such as AD Explorer and AD Insight, that you can use to investigate and design Active Directory (AD) mistakes. Different tools can assist measure with networking execution (PsPing), erase document shares (ShareEnum), addition or run forms remotely (PsTools), and substantially more. If you just need at least one Sysinternals utilities, you can introduce them independently instead of downloading the whole Sysinternals assortment.


The free network diagnostic tools depicted here are extraordinary for your network troubleshooting toolkit. We suggest that you attempt some of them whenever you are managing a network troubleshooting situation. Have you tried our SolarWinds network configuration manager? Have we left one of your preferred network issue solvers, or do you have inquiries regarding the free network diagnostic tools referenced here? It would be ideal if you let us know in the remarks beneath.

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