Hack Facebook Secret – How To Optimize Your Facebook Insights Marketing Campaign

In the internet community, the best way to achieve an increase in website traffic and revenue is to take advantage of social media.

Flash back to as recent as 2009 / 2010, when people are just getting use to internet , and companies will find many businesses avoiding social media – not because they do not have the faith in social media , but more so because they didn’t know how to make it work for them. Today, the story has completely changed. Many businesses now depend on social media for marketing and promotion of products and service. Social media has now evolved from amusement for kids to sophisticated channels for marketing businesses. These platforms have evolved from a quirky tool people use to communicate and shares information, to a big time marketing platform, capable of delivering ultra targeted ads to global audience. White hat social media strategy will hand pick your site from among the millions online and land you in the top three pages of the popular search engines. It will create a brand awareness of your business and expands and recreates by itself–just like a virus. Face book with over 500 million users worldwide is probably one of the highest traffic hubs on the internet. Facebook marketing can generates millions of leads and convert them to sales and earnings.

How To Optimize Facebook Marketing.

  1. Business Page Creation; face book provide its registered members with the opportunity to create a business page for marketing and promotion. You can also make good use of the opportunity to promote your business and take it to greater height. You establish your presence correctly by choosing images, titles, headlines, and adding a detailed description to your profiles that will help target your demographic. You can also include details such as contact information, location, service, products and a brief company history. With your business page, you will be able to give concise information about your company and the product and services you offer to both regular and potential client and even redirect them to your website, forums and blogs to pull traffics and improve on sales and earnings.
  2. Get Maximum Likes; After, creating your business page, the next thing to do is work on getting as much as possible likes for your page. A business page without likes –Community- is like a tree planted in the middle of the Sahara. If you have a business page with no community, there will not be people / listeners to help you build brand awareness and deliver ROI. You must have a community filled with people who like you and share your content with their friends. The more likes you get, the more traffics you will receive on your page. You can increase your like with Face book ads, eBooks, coupon and contest. You can also get likes, by creating different pictures / videos and upload them on your business page.

iii. Setting Up of Fans Page and Attracting Fans; Setting up a fan page, is another important technique that can help give a big boost to your Facebook marketing campaign. When you set up you fans page on this platform, you will be able to receive heavy traffics which in turn will result to increase in revenue earnings. Fan pages are a splendid way to build a more intimate link with fans and give them the consent to know virtually everything about your business. You can attract more fans to your fans page, by holding contest and broadcasting messages to encourage people to check out your fan page from time to time. You can also attract more fans, by giving freebies; i.e. e-books, special offers and so on.

  1. Regular Update / The Use of Insight; Your face book marketing – with business page, fans page and millions of worldwide likes- is not completed without regular updates and the use of face book insight.

You update your business and fan page as well as your profiles regularly by posting information about new products or services you are offering and your company news. This allows you to advertise new products and services and keep your customers informed. If you fail to update and interact with your face book friends / clients then they may stop following you, causing you to potentially lose some business. You let your followers –client – know that you care for them and ready to attend to their need at any time. For example, if they post a feedback pertaining to your products or services, weather it is positive or negative, respond promptly. Make the necessary inquiry. Tell them how you can help them. Make sure every friend invitation and response you send out is written personally to the receiver, mention their name or an interest that they have posted in their profile. Take an interest in them.

Most importantly, make good use of Facebook insights. Every week, Facebook Business pages receive an email titled {Your Weekly Facebook Page Update}. This is Facebook insights. When you click Main Insight, you will be shown an activity graph for the past month. Clicking on each of the individual columns will rearrange the posts according to descending value. REACH will tell you how many users viewed your post. ENGAGED USERS shows you how many individuals clicked your post. TALKING ABOUT tells you how many users – with their age and gender- have commented on, liked, unlike, shared or responded to your post. You will also be able to see which types of posts perform better and have the most user interaction. You will know the city and country from where you pull most of your traffics and also the most popular language people speak there. This fantastic tool is a must to prioritize when using Facebook for marketing. It makes it easier for you to find and interpret data that will let you make important decisions about your Facebook marketing. What you learn can help you adjust the content you post to Facebook and when you publish it so you reach your target audience more effectively.

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