How to Implement Traceroute Online?

Traceroute is a tool in which a computer network utility is used to test the reaching ability of the host through an internet protocol. It also measures the time from which the host sends the message to the destination computer. In other words, you can understand it as a free web-based ping service and ping any of the domain from around the locations of the world and show them the real time taken to reach the host.

Traceroute Online
Traceroute Online | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Developers of the traceroute are the Microsoft and the ReactOS contributors, and it is run on the both Microsoft window and the ReactOS. The history of the traceroute online is as the time of the packets recorded in the round trip which is received by each of the hosts. It only works when all the packets are lost, which means that when the connection is lost, then the route cannot be assessed.

All the modern operating system has the command to use traceroute. If you are going to use this on the UNIX operating system, then it works on some of the system kike macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD. There is one more program named as tracert which performs all the same functions as done by the traceroute. If you are using version 6 of the internet protocol, then the name of the program is traceroute6.

Implementation of traceroute online

  1. In some of the UNIX systems, it sends the default sequence of data protocols such as user datagram protocol with the destination having the port numbers in the range lying between 33434 to 33534. In other operating systems, there is an option for using the ICMP packet. There is the most common term used in the traceroute is tie to live value, which is also known as the hop limit. The hop limit is used to determine the intermediate routers which move towards the destination after being traversed.
  2. It sends packets having the value of time to live, which increase through a gradual process from one packet to the other packet. The decrement of the value of time-to-live starts when the one routing discards the packets, and the value of the TTL reaches zero. The value of the timestamp will return to each of the router carrying the path to be measured along with each packet.
  3. Traceroute allows you to send request form your side without letting anyone know your IP address and the location as the request send by you is in the form of the tracert request.
  4. If you have an active firewall in your computer, then you won’t be able to receive replies by using the traceroute software.
  5. You will find that most of the implementation includes some options to provide the specified number of the query which is sent according to the hop limit and calculate the time to wait for the response.

This is all about the traceroute online and the process of its implementation.  You can easily use the traceroute as your destination will not be accessible by all other users.

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