How to Make Facebook Avatar

You are probably seeing those cute Facebook avatars that people are now using. And now you want one but the problem is you don’t know how to make one. Well here in this article you will learn how to make a Facebook avatar. But for now, I will tell you more about that Facebook avatar that everybody seems to be going crazy for.

How to make Facebook Avatar
How to make Facebook Avatar | Image by William Iven from Pixabay

It is actually the social media version of the Bitmoji avatar. If you are a Mac user then it probably reminds you of Apple’s Memoji avatars. It is one of Facebook’s latest features. One of the best things about it is that it allows you to create a character that resembles yourself. This is perfect for those who do not want to use real photos in their Facebook profile but still want something that is truly unique.

You can use this avatar as your profile photo, in comments, and in Facebook Messenger. You can also use this avatar outside of Facebook. You can use it in apps such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Now, as promised this article will tell you how to make a Facebook avatar. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have extensive tech knowledge to learn how to make an avatar for social media.

Lest go how to make Facebook avatar:

Step 1:

The first thing that you need to do is to open the Facebook app on your phone. Then tap the hamburger menu. It’s the stack of three lines on the upper right if you are using an Android device and in the lower right corner if you are using iPhone. Scroll down the menu and tap See More. Then select Avatars, tap Next, and then Get Started.

Step 2:

Now you are ready to create your avatar. The first thing that you need to choose is skin tone. There are 27 options in total so for sure you can come pretty close to your actual skin tone. After you have chosen a skin tone tap Next.

Step 3:

The next thing that you need to choose is a hairstyle for your avatar. You can choose Short, Medium, or Long. You will see that there are also a variety of styles available for the different lengths. After you have chosen a hairstyle tap the Color icon.

Step 4:

After choosing hairstyle and hair color, you are now ready to give your avatar a face with the Face icon. Here, you can select the different aspects of the human face from shape, complexion, even face lines.

Step 5:

After choosing the shape of the face of your avatar, tap the Eye icon next. Here you can choose the shape, color, and lash length of your eye. Next move on to the Eyebrow icon and choose your brow, shape, and color. If you want your avatar to wear glasses then you can also choose glasses here.

Step 6:

The next thing that you need to do is to customize the nose and mouth of your avatar. First you need to select a nose shape and then move on to the lips. If you want you can add facial hair and color to lips.

Step 7:

The next thing you need to work on is the body of your avatar. First, choose your preferred body shape. After that, select an outfit for your avatar. You can also add cool accessories to your avatar such as hats or even cat’s ears if you want to be cute.

Step 8:

That’s it, you are done customizing your avatar. Now all you have to do is to tap the checkmark located on the upper right corner to finish the process. And then tap Next and Done.

Now that you already have your very own avatar, for sure you will want to use it right away. You can access your avatar by tapping the smiley face icon that you can see in the Write comment section of Facebook. When you comment, your friends will already see your avatar.

Now you won’t feel left out because you already have your own avatar that you can be proud of. The best thing about it is that you have designed the avatar yourself. It represents who you are as a person or maybe your aspirations in life and what you want to achieve as far as appearance is concerned.

The Bitmoji avatar:

The Bitmoji avatar is actually not new. Snapchat was the first one to use it. And now, Facebook is jumping on the bandwagon. It is popular because it is cute. And the feature allows you to create a digital representation of yourself. It is a new feature on Facebook and not everyone knows it yet. So if you can be the first among your friends to get a Facebook avatar then how cool would that be right?

Facebook’s version of the Bitmoji actually has more features than the original. It has added more hairstyles, complexions, and even outfits to give users more options for customization. The added features also make it easy for users to make a more accurate online representation of themselves even if the end product is still cartoony. You can use the avatar in your stories, comments, and even on Facebook Messenger. Soon, you will also be able to use the avatar as stickers or backgrounds to add to your text posts.

Because most of our interactions these days, it is important now, more than ever, for us to be able to express ourselves online. Using an avatar can help people gain more understanding of our true personality. Especially now that most parts of the world are in some form of lockdown because of the pandemic, it is important for us to have more channels and means to express ourselves. So it is really very timely that Facebook has launched this feature during the time. It makes using Facebook more fun and exciting.

Some closure words:

So have fun with the avatar. For sure, it will enhance your online interaction with your friends and family members. Follow the guide above to create an avatar that truly represents you. Or if you want to have an online alter-ego then you can also do that.

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