How to open ports on router?

In this post, we are trying to answer the how to open ports on router question. You should know that this was written using a specific router but it quite same on other routers.

How to open ports on router
How to open ports on router

Ports are like doors, they make it possible for programs on your computer to connect to other computers same thing with routers you also need to open ports on the router to make it possible to send data out and in.

From a security perspective, most ports in your firewall are closed. You may need to open ports for the program if you experience difficulties connecting to other computers.

How to open ports on router?

To open ports on router, you need to take the following steps:

Identify the ports you need to open:  Most programs do not require that ports be open before they can function, however, a few programs may need ports opened. Since different programs have their unique ports to open, you will need first to figure out the ports that need to be opened. To do so, you need to check the support documentation.

Open the Router’s Configuration Page:  A computer connected to a router protects ports using the router’s firewall. Any computer attached to your network can access your router.

To open ports, you need to open the configuration page on the router. Do the following

  • Open your web browser and type- in the router’s address in the address bar. To find your router’s address, open the command prompt, type ipconfig and look for the Default Gateway.
  • Type in your username and password. “admin” and “password” are usually the default username and password respectively. Otherwise search online for the login information applicable to your router.
  • You can also reset the settings of your router to the default if you are having a hard time accessing it. Just press the reset button at the back of the router. Wait for 30 seconds before turning it back on.

Router port forwarding:

Look for the port forwarding section: It is mostly found in the Advanced menu or under the “NAT” menu. For some routers, it is in the “Forwarding” section or the section for “Applications and Gaming.”

Create a new port forwarding entry: Make a new entry by clicking either “Add Custom Service” or “Create Rule.”

  • You will also need the IP Address of the device you want to forward the ports for. If it is your laptop or a MacBook, you need the IPs.
  • You need the range of the ports being opened. (Starting and ending). For some programs, they require a single port. Enter the starting and ending ports but if you are using only one, enter the same number for both.
  • Protocol – The protocol is usually between TCP and UDP. The required protocol will be given to you by the program for which you are unblocking port. However, if you are not sure which protocol to use, choose either “both” or “TCP/UDP.”
  • Save or Apply your new entry once you have inserted the required information. After this, the router will save these changes and the specified ports will be open for the specified IP address.

In conclusion:

A router is like your computer you may need to open ports on router to make it possible to accept the incoming and outgoing connection, it is also known as port forwarding.

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