How to use zoom on computer

This is an intensive how to use zoom on computer guide for easy to follow steps, especially for today when a lot of people using it all over the globe.

How to use zoom on computer
How to use zoom on computer | Image by jraffin from Pixabay

Zoom, the online meeting app, has recently gained a lot of fame and recognition due to its user-friendly interface. Given the entire world’s condition due to Covid-19, the zoom app has acted as a savior for schools and businesses. This wave of modernization was highly welcomed but entirely unanticipated. Thousands of people have to now adapt to this new form of technology to survive this pandemic.

Zoom allows its registered users to record and attend meetings, and there are many uses to this app. A maximum of a hundred users can take part in a single session. Let us learn how we can make the best use of this platform.

1. How to log into/sign up for your zoom account:

The very first step to using Zoom is making your Zoom account, which you can set up in a few simple steps:

  • Launch Zoom on your computer and click “Sign In” if you. Otherwise, click on the “Sign up For Free” option.
  • Put in the required details in the pop-up window
  • Click the Login/Sign Up option, and the default home screen will greet you.

2. Join a meeting on zoom:

Anyone with access to the “Meeting ID” or a “Personal Link Name” can join a meeting on zoom, which will be provided to you by the person who set up the appointment.

The steps to joining a Zoom meeting are as follows:

  • Launch the Zoom app on your computer and create a Zoom account.
  • Choose “Join a Meeting” from the default screen.
  • A pop-up window will ask for your Meeting ID or a Personal Link Name. The pop up also has options to mute/unmute your mike and show/hide your video. You can also change your name from this window.
  • Fill in the required details and click “Join.”

3. How to join a zoom meeting if you don’t have an account:

Although signing-up will give you many additional options, you can also enter a zoom meeting without having a registered account.

The steps to doing so are listed below:

  • Arrange a link to the meeting from the host.
  • Click on the link. You will find a “join from the browser” option. Choosing this option will redirect you to another screen.
  • Fill in your name, which will allow other attendees to identify you.

4. How to host a meeting on the zoom app:

At times, you may have to hold a meeting to discuss critical issues with your co-workers. As zoom provides many options to the host while hosting a Meeting, too many choices can be intimidating. Therefore, we have included clear definitions of some tech-savvy terms.

The steps to hosting a zoom meeting are as follows:

  • Launch the Zoom App on your computer, and log in, as a host must have an account.
  • Choose the “New Meeting” option from your Home Screen. You will have a chance to share your video, which you can enable or disable at your discretion.
  • A window with many optimizing options will open. This window includes options such as Meeting Topic, Host Name, Password, and Numeric Password for telephone and room systems, Invitation URL, and Participant ID.
  • You can invite selective people from this window. You will also have an option to share your screen. Please choose the appropriate options and save them. Your meeting will be set up and commence at your inputted time.
  • You can leave the session by clicking the “End Meeting” on your screen.
  • A dialogue box will enquire if you want to end the meeting for all. You can do so if you don’t want the discussion to continue after you leave.
  • If you want the meeting to continue, you can promote somebody as a host or leave the meeting. Alternatively, you can also leave the conference without making anybody a host, and zoom will automatically enable a random person as the host.

Terms you might have had a problem with:

  • Meeting Topic: This is the name that will be the title of your meeting.
  • Host Name: You can put the name you want to be addressed by here.
  • Password: You can create a password as an added security move so that any random person with a link doesn’t join your meeting.
  • Numeric Password: People can also join a meeting through a phone call. This number will be inputted by the dialer to join the discussion.
  • Invitation URL: This is the link through which people will join the meeting. This URL can be copied and circulated to all the participants.
  • Participant ID: This ID is compulsory for a participant attending his meeting via a phone call.

5. How to record and access a zoom meeting:

If you are a host, you can either record a meeting yourself or grant the participants permission to record the session while setting up the meet. If you want to save a zoom meeting for future reference, follow these steps:

  • Join the Zoom meeting from your computer.
  • On the bottom, you will have an option to record a video. You will have the opportunity to save this recording to your computer or the zoom cloud.
  • You can press pause or finish recording by clicking on the appropriate icons on the bottom of your zoom screen.

If you want to access your recorded video

Follow these instructions:

  • If you saved the recorded meeting on your computer: you could find them in your documents folder, labeled under a subfolder named “Zoom.”
  • When you are having trouble locating the particular zoom meeting: you can go to your Zoom app, and you will find all recorded sessions under “Recorded.”
  • If you saved the recorded meeting on the cloud: you could find your video by going to the saved videos in your zoom app and clicking Open.

You will have additional options while accessing your recorded meeting, depending upon the location of your file.

  • If you have saved the recording to your computer, you can play the video, listen to the recording with audio, or delete it.
  • If you saved the recording to your cloud, you could also share the video with anyone else through a link.

Hope you enjoy this how to use zoom on computer guide if you have any comments or question please use the contact page to send them.

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