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In this IP of the router article, we are answering the what Is a Router’s IP and How Do You Find It, under windows, mac, android, Linux, and more.

IP of the route
IP of the router

If you use the internet, then your network has an IP address. It is a very common term that you may have heard a few times but maybe didn’t pay much attention to it. This IP address is the footprint that you leave behind when you browse through the internet. So, you should know about your router IP address and where to find it. Your router’s IP address can be useful in controlling and setting up your private network.

It is not very difficult to understand and find, but first, let’s familiarize ourselves with more relevant information.

An IP address

An IP address is a way for the internet to identify and differentiate your computer from others. Based on the IP address, the internet can also know your country and location. The full form of IP is “Internet Protocol.” The IP involves some rules that are placed to govern the format of various data sent through the local and other internet networks.

The IP address becomes the location, to and from, where the data is sent and received. It helps in identifying the devices and communications.

Structure of and how an IP address works

An IP address consists of numbers. There are four sets of numbers, and all of them range from 0-255. A few examples of an IP address are,,, etc. So, all these sets of numbers can range from –, and these sets of numbers are not made randomly.

So, if not randomly, then how? The IP addresses are formed mathematically and are provided by a division of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) called Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

IP addresses are like a language where the computers and devices communicate. These protocols are used to exchange data and information with other devices connected through an internet network. Your device with an IP address first connects to a network that gives the device access to the internet connection.

The IP addresses are given to you by your internet service provider. It is not constant; it changes when you switch your router off or on. It also changes when you travel or connect to a hotel or public place’s Wi-Fi.

IP routing

In simple terms, IP routing is the process of data finding a path to follow from their origin to their destination. The path is followed to send packets from one computer to another computer of another network. The IP address of the packet’s destination helps in forming the path and finding the next-hop address.

IP routing uses multiple networks and IP addresses to deliver the packets to the destination from the origin. Some of the advantages of using IP routing are that the information exchange and transmission are safe, proper updates on the network paths and robust and stable network.

What does a router do?

If you have ever installed Wi-Fi at your home, then you know what a router is. It is a small device that provides you access to the wireless internet network. A router allows you to manage the bandwidth, set a password to the network, change the network name, etc.

A router has many functions; the primary ones are creating a LAN and maintaining it and managing all data that passes through and within the network.

Some other functions are:

– Allowing multiple device connectivity to the internet connection

– Connecting to a VPN

– Determining the destination and path by which the data will be transmitting

– Making sure that the information successfully reaches the destination

– Switching, forwarding, and filtering packets

Router IP address

An IP address of your router is the identification number for every device you use connecting to your home Wi-Fi network. This IP address is what sends and identifies packets that are exchanged when you browse the internet. Streaming videos, searching images, listening to music all require data packets to work.

IP addresses are protocols that grant access to the internet. Now, since IP addresses are like your footprints on the internet, the internet can track your location and your searches. So, knowing where the router IP address is can help to hide it when necessary.

You can also try changing your IP address to protect your privacy. It can be done using a VPN, which changes your IP addresses and masks your device locations and, therefore, your location. But to change it, you should know where to find your device router IP address.

Find router IP address:

With a few easy steps in windows, you can find your router IP address on Windows devices. In upcoming devices also, finding the IP address is very simple and easy.

First, let’s begin with Windows:

  1. Begin with opening up your command prompt by pressing Windows+R.
  2. Then type cmd in the Run box.
  3. Once your command prompt appears, type ipconfig.
  4. The program will then show you your IP address.

In Linux:

  1. Look for the network icon in the notification area.
  2. Once you find it, click on it.
  3. You will find connection information or something similar to it. Click on it.
  4. The IP address will be shown next to the default gateway or route.

In Mac OS:

  1. Start with launching the system preferences.
  2. From there, go to network, then to advanced.
  3. Under IP/TCP, you will locate your IP address mentioned next to the router.

In Chrome OS:

  1. Find the time option in the bottom right corner, and click it.
  2. Next, click on the Wi-Fi Network option.
  3. Then, select information.
  4. The IPv6 and IP address will be showing on the screen.

In iPad/iPhone:

  1. In your iPad/iPhone, go to the settings.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi option.
  3. Next, select the Wi-Fi network that you are presently connected to.
  4. There, after scrolling, you will find the section called IPV4 ADDRESS.
  5. You will see your router IP address mentioned near the router.

In Android:

  1. Begin by going to the phone’s settings.
  2. Select Wi-Fi settings.
  3. Next, select and hold on to your presently connected Wi-Fi connection, then tap on the Manage Network Settings option.
  4. Enable Show Advanced Options.
  5. Under IP settings, choose static.
  6. At last, you will find your router IP address listed under the gateway option.

The IP address is like your location in the entire web of searches in the internet network. The protocols are identified, and the information reaches you or some other destination. Since it is traceable, many people feel it to be a violation of their privacy, but tracing your location using an IP address can also be for good reasons. Whatever be the reason, to mask your location or manage router settings, it is always handy to know where to find your router IP address.

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