Malicious Traffic Detection

In our malicious traffic detection article, we are going to explore what is it? Why do you need malicious traffic detection? and its advantages.

Malicious Traffic Detection
Malicious Traffic Detection | Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

The internet has become a necessity of our lives so much that no one can imagine a single day of their lives without being online. As the days are going by the services on the internet are also improving vastly to cater to our needs better. The most common example of this is the search engines that you commonly use. Most of them can now automatically recommend you the news or links you will be interested in watching. This is done by traffic detection.

The internet works based on the flow of data. Whenever you click on a link or open a website, there is a flow of data, and the frequency of these data flows are commonly referred to as traffic. To put it simply, the link or website you visit the most will have high traffic on your network. The search engines use this traffic data to determine your interests and give you the appropriate suggestions. So the question arises what is malicious traffic detection and why you need it.

Why do you need malicious traffic detection?

It is no surprise that the internet has now become a vast space of information right now and there are hundreds of websites at the least which you access daily. So there is an enormous amount of data flow from your system and network every day. Now not all the websites and links are verified or secure, as a result, there are a lot of harmful or malicious data on the internet, which we access unknowingly every day.

There is no major problem most of the time, but sometimes these malicious data can make our system prone to viruses and hacking attempts. So in the worst-case scenario, you can lose the important and sensitive data stored on your pc or smartphone just because of this malicious data.

This malicious traffic or data can be avoided if you are a little cautious. The most common sign of this traffic is suspicious websites and links displayed as not secure by your browser. Once you visit these pages or click on the link, they can use the data flow or the traffic to compromise your data and potentially harm your system.

Malicious HTTP traffic:

However, the most dangerous of these threats are malicious HTTP traffic. These are normally sent to you by non-browser applications. You should be very wary of these requests as they will frequently want to connect to harmful and suspicious websites or links. They normally upload malware into your system or try to steal further information using the botnets. Some of the worst malware can even connect your system to a server and launch extensive attacks on your data.

This is exactly the reason which makes having a malicious traffic detection system is necessity. As mentioned already that you deal with millions of data flows or traffic daily, not only from your pc but also other devices, therefore there is a high chance of malicious traffic influx whenever you are online. Reducing your online hours is not a prudent solution in the present scenario, so you need something to save your system from this malicious traffic.

What is malicious traffic detection?

The working of the malicious traffic detection software is pretty simple. They operate as a filter on the data traffic that happens in your system. Checking all the time for potential malicious traffic, which can be a threat. Their work is to be on the lookout for any files, links, or websites that can be a little suspicious or harmful. Some of the software can warn you about the potentially harmful nature of the traffic, while others can prevent them from accessing your system.

Some of the higher level or advanced malicious traffic detection technology can offer you an extra level of security. Malicious traffic detection not only identifies the potential threats. It can also open them or access them safely to make sure whether they are harmful or not. They do this by cross-checking the link or file with other databases worldwide to ensure they are harmful or a potential threat to the system. This is very handy as it keeps your device and data protected from unknown malicious traffic and known ones.

The question might arise in your mind that whether you need some software for malicious traffic detection when you already have an anti-virus installed. The answer to that is yes.

Installing anti-virus software:

The anti-virus installed on your system works towards identifying the threats in the installed applications. Sometimes there can be threats powerful enough to surpass the anti-virus and cause immense damage to your device. You can lose your data, or the hard drive may become completely corrupt, either of those cases is not favorable. These situations can be avoided if you do not install or download harmful files in the first place. That’s where lies the importance of malicious traffic detection technology. They prevent you from accessing or opening harmful files and links in the first place so that any potential damage is avoided.

There is multiple high-quality software available for malicious traffic detection. Some are free while the good quality ones are generally paid. There is no harm in spending some money on this technology as it can come in very handy in protecting your system from harmful files or attacks, which are pretty common nowadays since everyone needs to be on the internet.


You have seen the working of malicious traffic detection and the reasons why you need them. Let’s look at some of the advantages that you can get from this software or technology.

One of the biggest advantages is 24×7 threat monitoring. Everything on our pc or smartphone needs an internet connection to work properly. This results in a lot of applications running in the background even while you are not using them. During these operations, they can access their servers for updates or patches. There is a potential threat of malware entering your system even when you are not particularly doing anything. This can be a serious problem for you. Thankfully, malicious traffic detection prevents your system from accessing such harmful data.

As mentioned already, some of the advanced malicious software detection runs checks across the globe. They are doing it for identifying harmful files and links in real-time. This, in turn, updates your system’s database for identifying potential threats. Malicious traffic detection software not only protects your device and data from the present threat but also prepares it for any future cyberattack.

Being on the internet has become a necessity for everyone as most people’s livelihoods depend on it. A majority of people need to conduct their work through the internet. As a result, there is a plethora of sensitive information on the internet and your device. Therefore malicious traffic detection must be there on your system to prevent damage to those data and devices.

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