MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery makes an easy-to-use data recovery software solution can help you in recovering any data that may have been lost after any accidental format, software malfunction, virus problems, directory / file deletion and even sabotage.

This Data Recovery tool is able to recover lost data in a wide range of areas including RAID device and hard disk device, DVD, CD, Blue-Ray disks, memory sticks, memory cards, USB flash drive, iPods and other forms of digital media.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Modules

The all in one recovery suite subject to this MiniTool Power Data Recovery review includes up to 5 data recovery modules. These include the Undelete Recovery, recovery of Damaged Partition, Lost Partition Recovery, CD/DVD Recovery and also Digital Media Recovery.

Each of these recovery modules focuses on different conditions of data loss. In addition, this data recovery tool is effective and easy to use, requiring little to no technical background to run and use.

All steps of data recovery are easy and logical to follow and in as simple as 1-2-3, you get lost data back.

Abilities of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software

So what are the abilities of this tool?

MiniTool Power Data software can help you recover any of the following related data:

  • Deleted folders and files.
  • Data damaged from partition.
  • Data from any inaccessible hard drive.
  • Data after re-partition.
  • Crashed hard drives data retrieval.
  • Data after corruption of MBR.
  • Data after windows reinstallations.
  • Any data from a formatted partition with an original path and filename.
  • You can also recover your photos from the memory card.
  • Video and music from iPod.
  • Data from a formatted CD/DVD disk.
  • Data from unfinalized DVD disk.
  • Files from defective or scratched CD/DVD disk.
  • You can also recover data in Windows Dynamic Disk volume.

How to Use

In this MiniTool Power Data Recovery review, we take a look at the steps you would use to perform a flash data recovery.

  1. If you are faced with a flash card data loss and if the operating system at hand does not support data recovery, MiniTool can easily be used to recover all your flash data. To get you started, you need to download it at MiniTool Power Data Download Center.
  2. After the download, you can launch MiniTool and find the five function modules we named earlier in the article. Here, you need to select Digital Media Recovery, since the aim is recovering digital data such as MP3, MP4, and/or photos.
  3. Next, you need to select the desired partition and then click “Full Scan”
  4. The Full Scan will prompt you into a new window interface where you can select the files that need to be recovered.
  5. Next and after choosing your desired files, click on “Save files” and store them into assigned location.
  6. You now have your flash data files back and it’s easier now to export them to another media for safe storage.

How to Get MiniTool Power Data Recovery

There are various licenses available in MiniTool and with a single-user or personal license; you can comfortably use the copy of the software at home for the registered computer.

Once you download the package, unzip it and you will find the free license bundled with free updates for your home use. Once this is done, you can enjoy all the benefits of MiniTool and recover all your lost data.

Visit the publisher site for more information: MiniTool Power Data Recovery

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