Open Port As A Service

Last update: 4/21/2021

Hello and welcome to our Open Port As A Service page, we are checking the possibility to develop this service. In general, Open Port As A Service (OPaaS) gives the option to automatically monitor a remote port status (open or not) for a specific URL/IP, using a selected protocol, including notifying on a failure test.

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What is Open Port As A Service:

OPaaS is the option to let you, a registered user, the option to add your Site (URL) or IP, select the protocol (aka remote port) and our service will check if the remote service is up or not every interval of time, aka continuous port check.

We will have some predefined protocol that you can select from, like, HTTPS, HTTP, SSH, and a lot more or you will be able to customize your own protocol.

OPaaS – Open Port As A Service:

Here is the feature list for the upcoming OPaaS service:

  • User management.
  • Site Management
  • Build-in ready-to-use protocols.
  • Build-in customizes Ping (configure max latency time to change the status (RE: if ping more the 200ms = notify)).
  • Protocol customization (more info below).
  • Failuare notification.
  • Mobile App*

Protocol customization:

Here are some of the question to ask yourself when building a new protocol:

  • How deep do you want to go?
  • What do you want to send?
  • What do you expect to receive?
  • On what port?
  • Do you want a longer time to live?
  • Is it TCP, UDP, ICMP, Else?
  • Is it going to be private to you or public so others can use it (need admin approval)?
  • And so on.

Once you selected your target point and the required protocol our service will start to execute it to check the remote status, you will be able to set a notification on failure, for the first time or only after 3 attempts, and so on.

An example for customizing HTTP/HTTPS can be a specific page on your website that must contain some text in it.

If we do not find this text will result a failure test, even if the return HTTP/S header status code is 200OK

*We also want to create a mobile app to let you control your monitoring sites.

OPaaS Idea Status:

  • Step 1 -> This is currently an idea, we are checking if there will be demand/need for such a service.
  • Step 2 -> Yes – going into the laboratory for developmant. No -> Find something new to develop 🙂
  • Step 3 -> Once the beta is ready we will open the invite for people to test the service and get feedback.
  • Step 4 -> Release to the public.
  • Step5 -> Add/improve the features and the service options.

If you have any questions, comments, or other thought that you want to share with us, please use the contact page or contact us on Twitter @Rshmider