Why you need a professional ping tool online in your business

A ping tool online checks multiple IP addresses to ensure network connections are intact. This is a crucial security tool for any network admin. It runs through internet control message protocol (ICMP). The tool sends specified interface on the network and waits for a reply. The data is measured in milliseconds when being transferred from the computer to a server. One must configure the host to receive ICMP packets. A ping tool runs on all major windows systems.

Ping tool online test

This test shows whether a connection has been made and the availability of the device. If the test fails, you will be notified immediately.

How ping tool online test works

Testing is done with real web browsers. First, a small packet is sent through the network to a particular IP address. The packet contains 56 or 64 data bytes. Secondly, the computer waits for the return packet. When connections are good, a good return packet is received. Likewise, if the packet bounces back, the system is having a problem with the IP address.

Main tools for ping monitoring

· Ping sensor

A ping sensor sends internet control message protocol from the computer to the monitoring device. It shows the minimum and maximum time. It’s much easier to detect the packet loss in case you are using the same ping on interval basis.

· Ping jitter sensor

Ping jitter sensor sends a series of ICMP requests to a given URL to determine a statistical jitter. The sensor shows the execution time and statistical jitter value. It also shows the deviation from the average latency before you measure the quality of service.

· Cloud ping sensor

The sensor monitors the transport control protocol times from the parent device.

Ping tool online monitoring, diagnostics and analysis

· Network monitoring

A ping tool monitors every aspect of your network. This involves checking your information technology infrastructure from routers, switches, firewalls, servers and workstations. It also involves checking all the configured devices using a specialized tool. The ping tool will notify you before any problems arise. For example, if the hard drive is running at full capacity, the administrator can take prompt measures.

· Network diagnostics

Although this is something that network administrators dread about, it helps to identify the sources of error. First, you should narrow down your search for errors. Using a ping tool, you can gain access to network data in different periods. In most cases, manufacturers of hardware and operating systems provide special diagnosis tools that can help in troubleshooting. Secondly, eliminate all errors in your network. If you want to detect a network problem in future, you should use ping network analytics tools. Getting rid of errors ensures the network is functioning at 100% efficiency.

· Network analysis

If your network load increases due to additional staff, an online ping tool will help you expand the network’s capacities. Administrators can provide valid figures and facts from important IT issues.

Benefits of performing a ping tool online test

· It gives prompt alerts and notifications

A ping tool comes with a built-in alarm system that notifies you in case of any problem. The sensor reveals the problem before the network device fails. Once the sensor fails, the device switches to sleep mode. When you identify where the problem lies, you should deploy an appropriate diagnosis tool.

· One tool for everything

A ping tool monitors up-time, traffic, servers, routers, switches and every aspect of your network. You should be able to identify the source of error quickly to save time. The dashboard should be customizable to meet your specific needs. A ping tool is compatible with many mobile devices.

· It’s easy to set up

A reliable ping tool should create sensors for all available devices. Once you open for the first time, you should know the availability of the network.

· One can perform a long-term analysis easily

A ping tool helps the user analyze historical data and capture network traffic. It’s quite easy to get to the root of the problem. You should be able to analyze the functionality of all components before narrowing your search.

· It’s easily upgradable

If the need of your network rises, you can easily upgrade your network ping tool.

A ping tool online test addresses your issues as quickly as possible. It provides basic information such as IP address, locations, packets received or sent, and response time of all domain names. The administrator will have an overview of the network at all times. When you have a reliable connection, you can work with peace of mind knowing your systems are being monitored.

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