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Scanning Software

A scanning software in related to port is a software that scan your device, refer to computer most of the time, to reveal problematic issue that can be related to service that running on your computer, it is more common that a scanning software will be used by network administrator and system administrators the scan within the company for service that are open to the inner lan, user from in the company and for outer lan, aka WAN or what we like to call internet, to verify that the operation system, service and the installed application area contains the last public updates so that all the known vulnerabilities holes are closed.

In relevant to computer port and to open port, scanning software can be combining into some categories:

  • Port Scanning:

    Software that scan for open ports and try to use the open port that it found to collect information about the network, the computer, the service behind the port, the operation system, if the port is filtered by firewall and any other additional information that the tool can bring.
  • Vulnerabilities Scanning:

    Tools for Vulnerabilities Scanning will scan your devices and network topology to collect information about software that installed on your system to verify that they do not contain vulnerabilities, that may be use to hack into the system and gain control and by that they can do stuff on the company, vulnerabilities scanning software will give you a nice report about what they found, some of them will show you also information about how to fix the problem, vulnerabilities can also be refer to recommended software settings that need to be change, in the company, like what is the minimum password strong that the company allow.
  • Manual Scanning:

    Manual Scanning is not necessary manual, it can be used with special tools by penetration testers that actually try to hack into the system in order to “steal” data and to find holes that other tools not always manage to find, some companies hold real hackers as employee to verify that they are as safe as they can from the outside world, in refer to hacking, companies like banks, credit card, medical and others that hold sensitive data in them.
  • Other Scanning software:

    In here i will add software that scan for real time threats, like firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, IDS (intruder detection system) and IPS (intrusion prevention system), honey pots and other tools that use as a guard to prevent viruses, malware, spyware and other network abuser to abuse the company network.

There are all kind of scanning software over the web, you can run a quick search and find some that you can download to your device, computer to scan you system to see if how safe you are, according to the software, some of the scanning software are free, or have a free version and some of the coal a lot of money, it is always good to know that there are scanning software that are used by companies to verify that the company is as safe as it can be to us the users, due to the fact that on some of the companies, our information is the sensitive data that the company security team is going on.

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