How to search for an open port scanner website?

There are thousands of thousands of open port scanner website and so it might be difficult for you to find the right one for your need. If this is worrying you then you should know that you are not the only one. There are many people like you who are having trouble selecting the right website. If you want to select the best port scanner then you should first look out for a port scanner which offers the best features.

Features of a good open port scanner

When looking for an open port scanner you have to look out for certain features. This is because only a good port scanner will possess the right features which will make it an excellent choice for the purpose. First of all when you will download an open port scanner, you have to make sure if the utility monitors open UDP and also TCP ports on your laptop or computer. This is a very essential feature and you should absolutely make sure if this feature is present in the scanner you are about to download.

Next thing which you have to see is if the scanner comes with Windows operating system which is netstat. You may be wondering how you are going to look out for this feature. It is very simply actually. A good port scanner will list all its functions and features in their download website so all you have to do read through their description of the service and you will know if this function is present or not. There are many blogs and websites which offer help and you can sign up and write your problems and many experts all around the world will help you by suggesting you website which offers this feature.

A good open port scanner will help you to catch Trojans, malware and also spyware. This is a very important feature and you should make sure that this feature is present in your select port scanner. As you know because of these things you can get into a lot of trouble and you should do all that is necessary to avoid these things. When you have an option to pick a scanner which can protect you from these danger, then why not take this advantage?

Other features

Along with these a good port scanner will have a list displaying all data fully. So make sure that the scanner is capable of displaying data which includes connection status, remote port, protocol name, local address, process name, remote address, local port, local address and also process ID.

The option for closing unwanted connection should also be there in a good port scanner. This will save a lot of time and make the process a favorable one and so to tone down your hardship definitely look for this feature. Besides these features and function, you should also look for such port scanners which will allow you to export or print open ports list into a text file.

Now you know some of the features which should be present in a good open port scanner. So, start your search for the right one.

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  1. This article has shown you how to scan open ports using a series of freeware utilities. These utilities will come in handy as part of troubleshooting network connectivity issues, forming part of your network auditing toolkit or contributing towards your vulnerability checks.

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