Top 5 Usage of Online Port Scanner in 2014

Port scanner is a simple software application program that is designed to inquest a registered host or a server for an open port. The top 5 usage of online port scanner in different field are as security of a network, administration of the server hosts etc. It is even used by attackers to identify any free port available across the server. It is also used to get the knowledge about specific services used at a remote machine on a host server. TCP scanning is among the top 5 usage of online port scanner. It is the simplest scanning technique that is listed in the top 5 usage of online port scanning as it allows the use of the simplest operating systems of the era. Although there are various other process of online port scanning across the servers. Different usage requirements may vary with the application of port scanning technique when a wide range of options are available. They can be bought and downloaded online.

The top 5 usage of online port scanner in have been listed as before but there are various other usages that must not be neglected though they are not much in use on and before. The usage include port sweeping that is used for scanning multiple ports and hence listing them accordingly. In this method, the user can choose the appropriate host available in the server. Besides that, the usage of network mapper is listed among the top 5 usage of online port scanner. As it is clear by its name, it is used to “map” host servers on the existing network of a computer. Another advantage of this mapper is that, it may be ported across most of the operating systems available in the market. Port scanners are used as an equipment in the online toolbox to fix issues with a network host. The online port scanners used in these have the ability to deal with security and stability of the network hosts that enhances its reliability.

The delivery of the host server at the required ports becomes very easy and fast with the use of online port scanners. The top 5 usage of online port scanner that were listed above is widely noticed as the growth of technology. One important thing to note here is that, the top 5 usage of online port scanner include the malicious use of the software applications. This could be taken as illegal in terms of the user sitting on the other end of the computer that is used to operate the server host for wrong reasons. Despite of the legal issues of the port scanners they are widely in use as they reduce the time and money required to scan across the server for ports. There is one more important usage in the top 5 usage of online port scanner, that is vulnerability scanning. Although it has only been given the license for the local home networks.

To summarize the meaning of the top 5 usage of online port scanner is that there are both advantages and disadvantages of port scanners but to make sure that it is used for good purpose in the responsibility of the user.

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