Website ping test, What Does It Mean And Why It’s Crucial

Website ping test. It’s awesome, crucial and sometimes it can suck.

The Internet is the world’s biggest source of information. If you need to find out anything, you can go online and search for it. There are websites containing information on literally every topic under the sun. Millions of people go online every day in search of goods and products to purchase. They participate in an industry known as e-commerce. As a result, a website is an important asset for every business to have.

Website ping test

To get the full benefits of having a website, you should strive to keep it live and working full time. How can you test that your website is online and reachable? This can be done with a ping test. This is a networking diagnostic test which ascertains that the server hosting your website is actually online and connected to the Internet. It also checks to see if a computer can connect to the server hosting a website. Here is more about the website ping test and what it is used for.

Origin of the network ping test and its purpose

A website ping test refers to the action of checking whether the server containing your website is connected to the Internet. It is also the name of a network diagnostic program that is used for administrative utility purposes. The term ping comes from the echo location process of a submarine. This test normally sends a data packet to a server or another computer. If it gets the packet back, then a connection has been established.

The term ping also refers to the length of time that it takes for the data packet to go and return to the computer which sent it. As such, a website ping test can help you to calculate the length of time it takes for a computer system to connect the server hosting a website, the speed of the connection and the reliability of the media involved. In the industry of networking, a website ping test can be used for troubleshooting too.

How to do a ping test

Windows operating systems come with a ready, built-in ping test utility program. To perform a website ping test, begin by knowing the IP address of the site. With this information, you can proceed to perform the test. Here is how to do a website ping test in the Windows OS.

Open up a command prompt session. This can be done by choosing MS DOS from the Start menu. Once the session has began, you can type in the term ping followed by the IP address of the website you want to reach. Alternatively, you can also type in the URL (Universal Resource Locater) of the site. Your input should look like this, “C:\> ping”

The procedure above is the same for the Linux operating system but the session is known as a terminal. If you are using Mac OSX, then you can get a session running by clicking on a folder named “Applications”, pointing to “Utilities” and then clicking on “Network Utility”.


If you own a website, it is very important to perform a website ping test regularly. This confirms to you that the site is online at all times for your visitors to access. The procedure above shows you how to perform this test. It

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