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NetHelper the basic network troubleshooting tool.

basic network troubleshooting tool

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Windows Open Port Check Tool

OpenPortNet – Windows Open Port Check Tool – is a small windows tool that can check if port is open or close.  Using this tool you can check the state of local and remote host/servers. Open Port Check Tool: A port is the way that one can communicate with another, there are 65535 ports available…

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DNS Lookup Tool DNSLookup is A small DNS Lookup tool for windows, to get the remote host DNS Information by sending a DNS query to your local DNS server. It send a DNS query to your local DNS server regarding the desire Host/Domain/IP, once the DNS server find the requested target it return the target…

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Open Port Whois Tool

Open Port Whois (OPWhois) Tool OPWhoIs is a small wrapper for the whois command line tool. You can use it to fetch whois information for a host/domain/IP address. There is a list of whois servers that you can choose from. What is Whois Tool: The whois command, Whois Too,l is a tool that use for checking…

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PingUI is a small tool, for the Windows Operation System, that give you the option to run a Ping command from a User Friendly Interface. PingUI is a small Wrapper for the ping command line tool. You can use it to ping a destination host to check if the host it up or down. Tool Options:…

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