PrivCheck local admin windows 10 check tool

PrivCheck is a local admin windows 10 check tool, a small command-line tool that checks if the current user has admin privilege. The tool usage some methods to check your current user privilege to return and answer if you are an admin or not.

PrivCheck local admin windows 10 check tool
PrivCheck local admin windows 10 check tool

PrivCheck local admin windows 10 check tool:

In general, the tool tries to check if the current user has administrator privileges using the local groups, it also checks if the user has the option to set privilege testing the token privileges he or she can enable. In this version, we are checking against 32 system privileges.

The command-line tool can accept some parameters, here they are:

  • -?/h/H: Use this to show the tool help screen.
  • -m: This option will show the minimum information regarding the check. It will return the user name with yes or no for the admin question.
  • -v This option will show privileges information and other information about the current test for that user.

The tool can be used as an external check to see if the user is admin or not on the current system. It also can be used to compare running the command line with or without administrator privilege. Also, known as the run as administrator option.

The UAC – User Access Control popup:

As a Windows user, you might know that there are tasks that you need to have admin privileges to be able to do them. Sometimes when running something on the system, like software installation, you notice a User Access Control screen that pops up and notifies you that this operation requires admin access rights. Do you allow it? If you select yes it will try to check if you have admin rights and is so it will use it to run the operation with admin privileges.

Here we go, the link to download PrivChk – Check If You Are Local Admin. Think you’re an admin, let’s check it -> Right click->Run as administrator.


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