Windows Open Port Check Tool

OpenPortNet – Windows Open Port Check Tool – is a small windows tool that can check if port is open or close.  Using this tool you can check the state of local and remote host/servers.

Open Port Check Tool:

A port is the way that one can communicate with another, there are 65535 ports available to use, there are some ports that had been assigned to special, let call it, service.

In networks an open port is a port that currently use by a service and due to that it is open. An open port can be use to send or/and receive data.

An example can be your web browser and a web server, the web server use the default port 80 to listen and wait for connections. your browser establish a connection to that port, using a local port and once connected they send and receive data between them.

Like our online open port check tool, this tool can be use to check port state, you can download this open port tool to any windows device and use it.

Windows Open Port Check Tool Screen (OpenPortNet):

Windows Open Port Checker
Open Port Check Tool

How To Use:

  1. Set a target domain name/host name or IP address in the Address/IP text box.
  2. Set the target port to check in the Port text box.
  3. Press the Check button and wait for the result under the Information section.

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