Best 5 Data Recovery Programs

The importance of data and Data Recovery Programs for businesses and home users as well cannot be overstated.

However, due to the unreliability of storage media, keeping it safe and secure has been a very big problem.

How frustrating can it be to lose an important data? When all of a sudden you wake up and discover that a vital information or data kept in your system is gone and is nowhere to be found.

The use of data backup software goes a long way in minimizing data loss after a computer crash.

Below are listed top five data recovery programs relevant for minimizing computer data loss and crashes.

Best 5 Data Recovery Programs

1) Recuva

Recuva is a top data recovery program that helps to restore accidentally deleted files from a PC.

The freeware is a Windows utility program that automatically restores missing data. Recuva has a friendly user interface i.e. it’s easy to use.

The software is capable of restoring virtually all types of file format e.g. mp3, exe, jpeg, rar, etc.

This efficient recovery tool is famous for its free version that can be used without any restriction.

Notwithstanding, it also has a pro version that comes very handy with some excellent features like premium support, virtual hard disk support, and automatic updates.

2) Glary Undelete

This is a powerful freeware that has the capability to recover lost files that could be fragmented, compressed or encrypted on any file system, which could be FAT, NTFS etc.

Glary Undelete is not restricted to operate only from an internal hard disk; it can also be run from a removable disk as well.

3) Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is a dependable data recovery program that helps in finding and recovering deleted data from PC formatted system volumes.

It recovers recoverable files that were accidentally deleted or formatted from a system.

The software has a simple mode of operation. It scans the affected drive and builds an index with options for file restoration.

4) Macrium Reflect Free

It is an efficient type of recovery software that provides the needed solution to data losses on PCs.

It is built with an enhanced user interface built to tackle top data recovery challenges. It has a fast imaging feature which can backup both files and folders.

It works on any version of Windows; Widows 98, XP, Vista, 7 etc

5) ImageX

ImageX is a command application that helps PC users deploy captured images, in other words, it is a recovery tool that enables computer users to effectively restore backup data to any destination of choice on the PC.

It is an authentic and highly dependable recovery tool. It works on any Windows supported platform.

In conclusion, using any one of the data backup and recovery tool mentioned above gives you an edge over any form of recovery challenge(s) you might be faced with.

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