How To Port Test And Why It Is Important

A port test for any device is imperative. This means your phone, PC, portable, connected television, game systems, and any appliance that is connected to the internet.

Every device that you use has a number of ports. The ports connect different devices and peripherals. The number of ports and on any device has increased as phones, portables, and electronics have become more sophisticated.

Why you need to port test

1) Keep function

A regular port test will tell you if your device is functioning properly. The test will tell you if the port is working properly. Ports can become damaged or disconnected through use. You cannot play or work if your port will not allow you to connect.

2) Saves money

A port test can tell you whether you need to spend your hard earned cash on a cheap port change or the purchase of a new peripheral that fits the port. The difference in cost can be substantial. The replacement of a defective port only requires a few minutes provided there is a knowledgeable tech handy.

3) Prevents data loss

A defective port can cause you to lose valuable data. A defective gaming port can make you lose all the goodies that you collected through hours of play. A port test can prevent data loss by alerting you to a diminishing capacity of any port on your device.

4) Stop scams

Your ports are vulnerable to every scam that exists on the net. The idea is to take over the port and thereby take over the device that it is connected to. This is a new wrinkle in spamming. System protection has prevented a lot of net scams so the scam artists are taking the ports. A compromised device can be used to take your personal data. A compromised port can commit crimes in your name.

5) Energy drain

An open port can bleed your battery down. Power sources do last longer than they once did. The idea is to eliminate slow speeds in more CPU intense functions by shutting off the port that is not in use. A port test tells you what ports are on.

6) Blocked ports

Some devices and some operating systems can block access to some physical ports and internet ports. A port test can find these blocks. This is very important if you use a virtual personal network or a search engine like TOR that gives you access to the entire net.

How to port test

Port testing depends on the operating system that you use and the device.
Use the netstat command in DOS to see the port structure as well as any blocked ports.
Windows fire wall will detect any open ports that can allow others to use your device.
Most devices have a function that will tell you what physical ports are open. The names vary depending on the maker.
Running a port test at least once a week keeps your device working well and keeps others from using your device.

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