Which are the best Linux distros for 2021

Linux distros come in many sizes and shapes which you can download on the internet and use them. The software download size is just 100 MB, but it will come to over 4 GB after its installation. It can be stored in a pen drive and also inside other kinds of storage devices. But the best one will be to use the hard drive which will offer a fast and more secure way to use them.

The best way to install and use these Linux distros is on your PC on the SSD.There are different types of distro that one can download and use on their PC.There are a lot of distros that are created and that too each are created for different purposes.

If you are migrating from Windows, then these distros might be a way for you to change.You can easily use them and also understand them after using Windows for a long time.Due to a problem if your boot has stopped, then there is a distro that can help you to run the installation again.

You can also use distros to keep your data safe and secure from the hacker as these are safe.They have a team of people working day and night to make it more safe and secure.

Why use a distro?

The distro is a presentation of the Linux operating system but that too in a small and compact size.These are the system that was created with the same structure form the Linux and had the same team.Linux is also free to use and can be downloaded from the internet as they have their website.

There are different types of Linux available on the internet, which you can download and use.However, this means that the distro is just Linux, but they are available in a different format.The distro represents a Linux operating system and the same team, but the developers are different.

All the different distro found to have different themes and also different updates and security than the Linux system.The distro is very useful as their main download file is 100 MB, but it requires net to install them.Another thing is that it will not remove your Windows file from the PC that you are using.Linux systems are very easy to operate, and also they have many different functions than Windows.

Moreover, this makes the Linux system a direct rival to Windows and also the IOS system.We are going to be discussing the different distro that you can download from the internet.Also, we are going to tell you about them in brief after introducing them.

What are the different distro available on the internet?

Here is the list of all the different distros that can be downloaded and used.

  • Nitrux

This is a Linux system for all the new people who have seen and used Linux for the first time.The main thing is that if you are using Linux for a new experience, then you can use Nitrux.Distros are the most stable and secure source that you can find on the internet, and these are also trusted.Moreover, this is as respected as the projects like Ubuntu and KDE plasma as these are also Linux systems.

  • Zorin OS

The Zorin OS project was started in the year 2008 for making Linux user friendly. And its developers wanted them to make a software on which many users can rely and use every day.A distro is software that patches itself to the users for which it is the first time using Linux.

The main kind of software that people use is either Windows or Mac OS.So these people are searching the internet for a different operating system, and they can use Linux.The common thing which happens is that people do not trust that it is safe as it is free online.

  • Pop!_OS

The software was maintained and developed by the hardware vendor system 76 and is free to download on the inherent.This distro has a different kind of feature and unique things than the other type.This distro is based on the Ubuntu LTS release and has its interface over Gnome called a pop shell.Several other gaming distros make Pop!_OS unique and special for gamers.

Its developers are using a unique graphic design to make it more suitable for gamers to use.They are using different techniques to upgrade them and make more gamers use this distro.

  • Kodachi

Kodachi is a kind of distro for those people who think a lot about their security and safety on the internet.The latest edition of this distro is based on Xubuntu 18.04.5 and uses a customized desktop function.Kodachi is a distro that is equipped with every security and privacy-enhancing apps and software.

It uses many apps to make their distro a Linux that can be used for most security and privacy.To ensure privacy, this distro provides a free VPN whenever the user accesses the internet.Moreover, this is done so that no one can know the location of the user.

  • Rescatux

Whenever you are running a Linux or a Windows machine, and you run into an error.You can then use this distro’s service as this is specialized in the repair and rescue of data.Whenever you are in a tricky situation, you can use the Rescatux to get out safely and securely.

Moreover, this has all the important tools which can hide all the important stuff of your PC.If you cannot open up your Windows or Linux program, then you can open the Rescatux.It will automatically search for the problem that you are facing and ask you for direction.

It will give you different kinds of steps you can use to resolve the problem.You can also use Rescatux to keep all your password and different account safe on your PC and hidden.

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