Best Wi-Fi routers 2021

Best Wifi routers 2021 will explore how it works, diff between router to the modem, and the aspects to keep in mind before buying and setting up a Wi-Fi router.

Best Wi-Fi routers 2021
Best Wi-Fi routers 2021 | Image by Shahid Abdullah from Pixabay


Everything is based on the Internet today. We shop, study, learn, play games, read, listen to music, and do many other activities on the Internet. Nowadays, technology is so advanced that we can access the Internet and convert the connection into Wi-Fi signals. Wi-Fi allows devices like a computer, mobile, or tablet to interface with the Internet. It is a wireless network connection. If the Internet is the language, Wi-Fi is the network that helps send data using this language (Internet).

A wireless device can connect to a wireless network with the assistance of a wireless access point. Wi-Fi routers, aka wireless local area network (WLAN), are devices found in every other house and office nowadays. A router helps a device to get connected to the wireless network. The most regular one is the desktop Wi-Fi router. A mobile hotspot is another way of sharing a wireless network with another device. It usually is an in-built feature in most mobile phones currently.

Wi-Fi routers can be single, dual, or tri-band routers. The single band router has the lowest speed amongst the three, and the tri-band one has the highest speed. Wi-Fi routers can be distinguished into two categories based on the number of devices they can connect to at a time: the first one is the traditional routers (can connect to one device at a time), and the other one is the max-stream routers (can connect to more than one device at a time).

How does a Wi-Fi router work?

To buy a Wi-Fi router, one needs to know the pros and cons of each option that they have, and to judge the features carefully, it is necessary to know how exactly a Wi-Fi router works. Let’s consider a usual house. There are various devices present there like a smart TV, mobiles, laptops, computers, printers, etc. A router helps in establishing a network amongst these devices. After the establishment of a network, the router carries the wireless network signals through that network. This is a very efficient method to use the Internet properly and widely. A Wi-Fi router provides a system of interconnected devices using wireless networks.

Modems vs. routers:

A modem is a device that helps connect a device to the Internet. As the name suggests, it “modulates” and “demodulates” signals. In layman’s terms, a modem can convert analog signals into digital ones and vice versa. Just one device can utilize the Internet using a modem.

On the other hand, a router lets multiple devices gain access to the Internet at the same time. In this busy world of ours, we have no time to wait. We expect things to be instant. Thus, modem lags when it comes to efficiency nowadays.

One can continue using a modem as long as it does not get damaged. But for a router, things are a bit different. You might want to upgrade to a new one for better facilities. Before getting a Wi-Fi router, the factors to keep in mind are stated in the article under a separate subheading.

Aspects to keep in mind before buying and setting up a Wi-Fi router:

The following factors need to be considered before choosing and installing a Wi-Fi router for oneself. The first has to be the price. But there are other aspects to check as well.

The size of the house/ building needs to be taken into account. A house or apartment with one or two bedrooms to be covered can opt for a stand-alone Wi-Fi router. For better results, they can be placed in the center of the apartment. If a building has multiple devices or a huge area to be covered, a “Wi-Fi mesh-networking kit” is the best option.

The second aspect is to judge the Wireless standards used by the Wi-Fi router. The speed specifications are to be check as well. One also needs to see if the router is a compatible broadband provider.

It can be very risky to use wireless networks because they are quite vulnerable to hackers sometimes. Thus, the security provided has to be checked. These are, more or less, all the basic factors to consider before getting a Wi-Fi router.

Many routers also provide facilities for imposing parental control on the types of websites to be viewed using that network.

Best Wi-Fi routers 2021:

Considering all the factors mentioned above, one of the best Wi-Fi routers of 2021 is the TP-Link Archer AX50. It is priced at $140 on Amazon. It has almost all the characteristics that a good Wi-Fi router should possess. The network provided has an amazing speed, and one can access it even within a certain area outside the house (medium-sized house). The affordability of this router is another strong point that makes it one of the best. This router has a strong built-in security system and also has a lifetime subscription to it. Even when the network is super busy, it just lags a little, which is nearly negligible. It has aced various performances as well. This router is also believed to reduce the power consumption of the devices connected.

Another router is again one of the best routers of 2021, but it is a bit on the costlier side. It is the TP-Link Archer AX6000. It retails at $280- $300 on Amazon. It has long-range coverage and strong processing. It is also easy to install. It has been awarded as the best and the most popular Wi-Fi routers in 2017 and 2019.

Thus, we have mentioned two of the best Wi-Fi routers in this article, one on the more cost-effective side and one on the comparatively more expensive side.


It can be concluded that in the end, it depends on our personal needs and other factors to choose a Wi-Fi router. This article contains two of the best ones that have high chances to suit your needs: the TP-Link Archer AX50 and the TP-Link Archer AX6000. It is up to the consumer to go through the aspects mentioned above in the article and find out which router can cater to their needs. Wi-Fi routers have become an important part of our lives. Hence, it is a good investment and is much better than a modem due to its more advanced efficacy than a modem. So, go ahead choose the best Wi-Fi router for yourself after considering all aspects carefully and use the Internet more efficiently in a better way and faster.

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