How to get a new IP address?

How to get a new IP address on your device will talk about your IP address and what are the options that you can use to change the address. We will talk about manual change the IP, using VPN or Proxy, and more.

How to get a new IP address
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What is an IP Address, and how does it work?

This article deals with the procedure of how to get a new IP address. IP is the full form for “Internet Protocol.” This is a set of rules that decide what kind of data can be transferred on the internet.

An IP address can be defined as a unique address that helps to identify a device on the internet. An IP address can provide the location of the respective user. The internet must distinguish amongst different websites and devices. IP addresses help in doing that. It is expressed as a thread of numbers with periods. It is always a set of four numbers, and they can range from 0 to 255. An example is IP addresses can range from to The IANA (“Internet Assigned Numbers Authority”) assigns IP addresses to each device.

The way an IP address works is explained next. A device first gets connected to a network which allows the user to get access to the Internet. If one uses a home network, it will become the ISP, and if one is at the office, then the ISP would be the office network. The ISP (Internet Service Provider) allows the device with an IP address, this is because it is the ISP that allows the user to access the internet.

The IP address can be changed, though. It is discussed later in the article. If one uses a different network, the ISP changes, and hence, the IP address varies.

Types of IP addresses:

IP addresses can be of different types and subtypes. The first type is the consumer IP address. Any user using the internet has two IP addresses- the private and the public IP address. The former means “within the network,” and the latter means “outside the network.”

Nowadays, we have so many devices at home that need to be connected to the internet, for example, smart TVs, laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. It would be more convenient to identify each device if they have unique addresses of themselves. Hence, the router or modem that we use produces unique IP addresses for each device.

The public IP address is used for communication outside the network and can be further divided into dynamic and state IP addresses. As can be assumed from the names, dynamic IP addresses keep changing while the static ones stay the same. Next comes the website IP addresses, which can be distinguished between two types again, and they are: shared IP addresses and dedicated IP addresses.

How to get a new IP address?

There are various ways to get a new IP address or to change one. The easiest option is to move somewhere else and use a different network to access the internet. Switching to using mobile data from using a Wi-Fi connection can also help get a new IP address.

The second easy technique is to reset the device that provides the network, like the router or the modem. The user just needs to shut it down for some time and then restart it.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the third way to change the IP address. A VPN hides the actual public IP address and connects you to a different network. There are various good VPNs like TunnelBear, NordVPN, CyberGhost, IPVanish, etc.

An option to change a phone IP address is already present in the mobile phone. To change the local IP address on a Windows computer following steps need to be done:

Control panel > Network and Internet > Change adapter settings > Double click on the network connection whose IP address has to be changed > Properties > Internet Protocol version 4 (double click) > Change the IP address. At this step, there is an option provided to the user to let the router change the IP address automatically.

In the case of an iOS, the steps are Settings > Select the network connection whose IP address has to be changed > Configure IP > Manual. The IP address can be changed here.

Another option is to configure a proxy on your device, a proxy is a remote server service that all the traffic goes through it, like a VPN the remote IP address that will be shown be the one that the proxy is using.

When do you need to change your IP address?

There are certain scenarios where one might need to change their IP addresses. Some of the reasons for doing so are explained next. The most basic one is to change an IP address that has been configured incorrectly and to get a new one.

The second and the most common reason is to gain access to a website or a link which otherwise cannot be opened in the respective geographic location (For instance, trying to gain access to different countries’ playlist on OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime while traveling abroad). We mostly use VPN in these situations.

Sometimes, we face difficulties while getting a proper Wi-Fi connection. That is another time when we prefer changing the IP address or getting a new one. The next reason is to prevent the internet service provider from controlling or restricting internet usage.

Many people often change and get new IP addresses to remove any traces or digital footprints. This is often misused for criminal activities as well. Lots of illegal dealings might also happen this way. These are more or less why one would prefer to change their IP address and get a new one.


The article has clearly stated How to get a new IP address. But changing one’s IP address too many times might compromise the safety of the user. There are various methods to do the same, and they all are stated above. So, judge accordingly as to what method suits you the best. Also, if the need to change the IP address arises to fix a bad internet connection, consider trying other methods to fix it. Changing the IP address should be the last resort.

If the user still faces issues while trying the change the IP address, then a tech expert or professional should be consulted. There are various other more complicated ways to change the IP address and get a new one, but they are quite confusing for a layman.

Overall, changing the IP address is fine and an easy task by itself, unless one starts misusing it for illegal activities. Another thing to keep in mind is, after changing the IP address to get a new one, the internet connection on other devices might get disturbed for a while. No other damage would happen to either the device or the network per se.

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