Secure Sites

As a web site owner you are responsible to secure your site, as all the other thing that you do in order to maintain your site you need to secure sites, this will ensure that users that use your site are safe from problematic malicious attacks and that your server is secure and not open … Read more

What is firewall software?

Firewall software is a tool that you can install on your device, the main use of a firewall software on your local computer is to monitor network traffic, using firewall software you can filter what traffic can get into your device and also what traffic can get out from your device, this process is accomplished … Read more

What is port 80?

Port 80 is the default port that web server use and the default port that your web browser use to connect to web servers, how do web browser work, what if port 80 is closed and well known web server. Port 80 is the default port that web server use, when you open your browser … Read more

What is firewall software?

A firewall software> is a tool that one can install on his or her device to control the traffic that get in and out from the device, firewall monitors network traffic, in firewall software you can select what software can use the web and what software cant use the web, there are some options that … Read more

Scanning Software

A scanning software related to ports is a software that scans your device. Referring to computers most of the time. For revealing a problematic issue that can be related to service that running on your computer. It is more common that scanning software will be used by a network administrator or system administrators. The scan … Read more

What is SSL port

SSL Port, also known as Secure Socket Layer port is by default related to HTTPS, re web server and work on port 443. SSL is a protocol that one can use to transfer data using secure tunnel and not as plain text. It is not the SSL port that matters but what is the application … Read more

What is port 25

Port 25, also known as SMTP port (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the default port that mail server use, when installing mail server in companies as an inner email server or as a web mail server the default port that the email server is using is port 25. Sometimes administrators had to check if port … Read more

IP Scanner

An IP scanner is a tool that can give you vulnerable information about your network. It can scan one or more IP addresses or an entire network. Each IP scanner tool contains its own features. An advanced scanner can manipulate the TCP handshake for fast scanning, doing it by crafting a special TCP packet. The … Read more

Port Scanner

A port scanner is a tool that checks the sate of port or ports on a target host. It can be used to check what ports are currently open on the target host. What is a port scanner anyway? Port scanner can also be used to check a range of host, several IP addresses or … Read more