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C++ Windows Port Scanner

Windows Port Scanner With Source Code

Can you code for windows in c/c++ if so, continue reading, as we are going to code a basic windows port scanner in the c/c++ language. This is a command line port scanner tool made from source (c++). So, why building a port scanner? and why in c? As the nature or this site, open…

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3 easy to use methods for open port checker

open port checker

Sometime we need an easy to use alternative for open port checker under windows, in this article we will talk about the following options to accomplish it, telnet, putty and PowerShell. The telnet command line tool: With modern windows distribution, the telnet command is no longer a build in tool, we need to manually install…

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How to check if port is open a step by step guide

When we talk about port checker we need to think both ways, outgoing and incoming after all the server side need to have some kind of a service to listen on the desired port. This can be called an open port, due to the fact that it open, ready for connections. Let’s look deeper on…

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Open Port Checker Guide

Open Port Checker

Open port checker refers to the method of port scanning using a tool to identify unnecessary ports that are open. Once we have that list we can close them. In real life we will try to understand why this port was open, what is the service that use this port and information related to the…

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Open Port Checker Easy Methods

An Open Port Checker is a tool or methods that can be use to check if a port or list of ports are open, In a short, an open port, in computer, is a service that waits for connection aka listen on a special number that represent the port, the door to use in order…

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What Open Port Checker Tool Is?

The Guide to What Open Port Checker Tool Is? If you are a computer geek then you have probably heard about open port checker tool but what about those who are amateurs? Well, this is basically a tool that is often available for free and is used to identify both opened and closed ports. It…

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