How to Use Continuous Ping Command for Windows and Linux

Almost every device that connects to the internet, including Windows and Linux computers, offers the Ping command. Ping command is a diagnostic tool for assessing network connections. This article will look at how to use continuous ping for Windows and Linux to get a better understanding of your network performance. Super PC Care is a … Read more

How to install MySQL on windows 10

In this step by step guide, we are answering the question of how to install MySQL on Windows, specifically Windows 10. We are starting with downloading MySQL installer until we are able to run a basic query on the database. Here is the guide PDF file for download: Disclaimer: MySQL is a trademark of Oracle. … Read more

What is Reverse IP Lookup

A reverse IP lookup is performed to find all records which have an IP address assigned to it. By performing a reverse IP lookup, one can identify the hosts who are being served with the help of a web server. Through reverse IP lookup, information can be collected to figure out the vulnerabilities on servers … Read more

A basic guide to proxy detector and proxy checker.

A basic guide to proxy detector and proxy checker. Although proxy check, proxy detector, and even proxy server are now commonly used terms in technology and computing contexts. There are many people without advanced computing knowledge. People who are still unaware of what these phrases mean and how they may be increasingly relevant to their … Read more

How to find the port to check that are in use on a windows device

There may be various applications on your windows device that uses the internet. With these different applications running, it is apparent that they need ports to connect to the internet. Port acts as a gateway through which these applications communicate with the internet. Sometimes two distinct forms might need to use the same port, and … Read more